Don’t Forget The Other Traffic Sources


“We tried Google, we failed with Bing, Facebook didn’t give us anything, and neither did Twitter or PPV. Online marketing doesn’t work.” That’s what a new client of mine said about 20 minutes before I landed a consulting gig with them. When you do marketing, and yes, I’m going to give you the most boring cliché ever, but YOU HAVE TO “think outside of the box.” Be creative, do something others aren’t doing. So I asked them, “Did you try any other paid traffic sources?” And the answer was: … [Read more...]

Laser Target Your Ads For Higher Conversions And Quality


One of the most common mistakes amateur marketers make is being too broad in their advertising campaigns. “I want EVERYONE to see this. It benefits everyone.” Yeah, okay, good luck. Unless you have a shitload of money to invest for testing, I’d suggest that you target your ads a bit more. First of all, EVERYONE is NOT interested in what you have to offer, that’s just how it is, no matter how great you think your product or service is. Second, even if you do have a large demographic, break it … [Read more...]