LinkedIn’s Next Great Tool for B2B Marketing and Sales

LinkedIn’s Next Great Tool for B2B Marketing and Sales

The salesperson or marketing person who knows the most about their accounts tend to win most often. LinkedIn’s next great tool for B2B Marketing and Sales appears to automate and simplify knowledge gathering. The product is a derivative of Sales Navigator and offers a stream of updates from a company’s target accounts, finding the type of data -- job changes, press announcements, status updates and blog posts -- that B2B marketers can use to source more effective sales-ready … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Moving Into News – What’s Next?

LinkedIn Moving Into News

This site is a big fan of LinkedIn and its services for B2B marketing and sales people. The days of it being a resume service for job hunters is way, way past. Any serious businessperson now has a LinkedIn profile tuned to her or his area of business expertise, and expects to be investigated before any serious business meeting. So now is LinkedIn moving into news? A couple of weeks ago, LinkedIn purchased Newsle that has incredible natural language and machine learning technology to identify … [Read more...]

How Should Your Business Use LinkedIn?

Should Your Business Use LinkedIn

Social media for B2B companies continues to be a work in progress, as marketers seek to understand what does and doesn’t work. American Express and SmarBrief Media has recently shared some ideas for success with social media, so I thought it would make sense to share and comment: There is no argument that LinkedIn is the number one option for business social media, with more than 300 million members (April 2014) distributed in over 200 countries. More than 30% of all US business owners use … [Read more...]

It Takes Klout to Get a Job at Accenture


Thought leaders are important for a company which looks to demonstrate the value it brings to potential customers and clients. Now in a nod to so called “social recruiting”, consulting giant Accenture has announced that being a frequent contributor to social media sites may increase the likelihood of being offered a job. Increasingly, recruiters are using group pages at LinkedIn to find people involved in a targeted industry with a clear voice and a large following. They believe these people … [Read more...]