Google’s Quarter Hurt By Mobile Ad Struggles

Mobile Advertising

When Google announced its Q1 results last week, they were immediately hit with over a 3% drop in its stock price, even though they earned nearly $3.5B on $15.4B in sales. Its revenue growth was greater than 19%, and it remains one of the world’s most profitable companies. So why the stock drop? Spell its trouble with a capital “T”, as in Trends. The shift from desktops to mobile devices is happening rapidly, and the Google business models are struggling to keep up. Long driven by pay per … [Read more...]



Tomorrow, Google reports its third quarter earnings, and we will find the results of their July change to search-advertising. If you remember, the Enhanced Campaign announcement was heralded as the “biggest-ever” to the service, and reset the rules so advertisers can no longer bid on keywords for separate devices. Desktop and mobile device views and rates are the same, reducing an advertiser’s ability to target mobile audiences. The change seems to have been driven by simple economics. More … [Read more...]

Google, Godin and Jumping the Shark

HiREs Fonz cropped

Late last week, Google announced that they were going to be using user images and recommendations in advertisements WITHOUT asking them first. I was not really surprised, but was disappointed that we are seeing this happen. But before I could think of the right thing to say, Seth Godin captured my thinking beautifully, and a lot more crisply, in a post called "Is Google Jumping the Shark". Stop and read it. Then opt out of the Google Silent Endorsement campaign here. … [Read more...]

Google and Starbucks WiFi – Now Even More Interesting


When the word first broke about Google reaching a deal to supply WiFi services to Starbucks over AT&T, most reports described it as a way for Google to expand their fiber network while simultaneously greatly accelerating the network performance of the java joint’s wireless network. But as more information comes out about the agreement, we see that speed has nothing to do with it. It was announced that the internet service will actually be owned and operated by Level 3 Communications, and … [Read more...]


Thanks to Tom Gara of the Wall Street Journal for last week’s reminder of how much Google really knows about each of us. In his piece entitled My Life, and Past as seen Through Google Dashboard, Mr. Gara reminds us that Google is tracking and storing every email, search, chat, contacts, YouTube videos watched and much more. He writes “Google compiles enough data to build comprehensive portfolios on most users – who they are, where they go and what they do." And the goal is to monetize what they … [Read more...]