Biggest B2B Challenges Vary by Company Size

B2B Challenges Vary by Company Size

Ever sat back at your keyboard and day dreamed about how easy the other guy has it? In this case it doesn’t matter if you are the big company guy dreaming of the small start-up or vice versa, we all think the other guy has it easier. And it turns out they may have. As we wrap up our look at B2B Content Marketing, we’ll see that B2B Challenges vary by company size. Yesterday we looked at the top frustrations overall faced by B2B Content Marketers, from the recent Content Marketing Institute … [Read more...]

B2B Marketers Struggle with Time and Production

B2B Marketers Struggle with Time

How we spend our time and our degree of relevance are two key aspects of being an engaged human being. And it turns out B2B Content Marketers have the exact same problem, or at least they share these two problems with a number of others. For the last few weeks we have been looking at a recent study from the Content Marketing Institute on how B2B Marketers look at Content Marketing. We’ve seen the strategies and the questions, so today we turn to the most fundamental of data – what are the … [Read more...]

How B2B Marketers Tailor Content

B2B Marketers Tailor Content

To increase readership, we all attempt to tune our content to provide the maximum value to our readers. Continuing our look at the Content Marketing Institute’s 2014 B2B Content Marketing Trends – North America study, today we look at how B2B marketers tailor content to their company’s advantage. The top 3 approaches to content development are to focus on Industry Trends (65% of users), Profiles of Individual Decision Makers (59%) and Company Characteristics (55%). These are logical, and help … [Read more...]

How Does Your B2B Content Marketing Budget Compare to Others?

How much is enough budget

How much is enough? I’m not interested in the proverbial John D. Rockefeller idea of one more dollar, but more how should your B2B content marketing budget be? The simple answer, according to a recent Social Media Content Study by the Content Marketing Institute is 30%. But the reality is far more complicated. The Institute gathered data from over 1200 North American B2B Marketers, and found a wide distribution of spend on content marketing. Here is the result: Percent of Total … [Read more...]