15 Affiliate Marketing Hashtags You Should Be Using On Twitter


    If you’re using twitter for your affiliate marketing then you should absolutely be making use of hashtags. Hashtags are a great way to get your content in front of a targeted audience. If you’re promoting offers from your advertisers, Twitter is a great way to get your offers seen by a huge audience. However, you have to make sure you are doing it right, if you don’t use the right hashtags then you could be limiting your audience significantly. So how do you know if … [Read more...]

An Affiliate Marketer’s Guide To Advertising on Reddit


    Affiliate marketing isn’t a licence to print money overnight, and as an affiliate you’re committed to growing your audience through every avenue available to you. In 2015, one of the most direct routes to a large number of people has to be Reddit. The self-styled ‘front page of the internet’, Reddit resembles a wiki generated by an espresso fiend. In a nutshell, it’s an online community where members post links to content such as blog posts, news items, pictures and … [Read more...]

Practice Safe Big Data

When the Federal Trade Commission implemented its “do not track” recommendations for self-regulation of the industry, it expected the industry to change its ways. And some have. Browsers now offer the technology to opt-out of tracking, and some publishers have also stepped up. But advertisers, especially affiliates, have mostly been hold outs, and as a result, prepare for FTC No Not Track 2.0. Speaking at a recent Wall Street Journal conference, FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz openly discussed that a … [Read more...]

Sarah Jessica Parker or Mariah Carey?

During the spring, much was made of a $40,000-a-ticket dinner held at Sarah Jessica Parker’s house in New York for the Obama reelection committee. What is less known is that the offer that was sent to potential donor attendees used seven different test offers, including a version that included a private concert later in the evening by Mariah Carey. Campaign officials note that Carey did not increase the response rate by donors, so she was not a part of the final evening. While split tests are … [Read more...]