Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, oh my…

Pinterest is now supposedly the fastest growing site according to some fancy studies that I read over the weekend.

We now need to be on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Right?

I would disagree. I don’t think you have to be a master of all things social media. It’s just a major time consuming, difficult, confusing web to get tied up in.

I see blogs all the time too that have every possible social media known to man. It’s confusing for blog readers too.

It can be especially trapping when you are running a service based business. You may feel as if youre missing out or leaving a section of potential customers or affiliates on the table.

In reality if you are spread so thin and trying to cover all of these social media platforms, you are only going to drown, unless you have a huge team of social media people and a really strong marketing plan. Otherwise you’re probably spinning your wheels.

It makes a lot more sense to master a single social media platform and then maybe move on to another. Don’t try to master them all at once. It’s also OK to just work on a couple for a long term strategy and disregard the others. If you’re really effective at getting traffic from one or two that’s better than being horrible at all of them, right?

My challenge to you is to focus on one social media platform over the next month and become a master at it. You’ll probably get much more traffic and make much more money than drowning yourself in all of them.

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