Marketing on Pinterest, Wild Wild West or Fort Knox?

I’ve been taking a close look at Pinterest lately and the possibilities that are there for marketers.

I’m noticing a lot of changes in the past few weeks that have made things a lot harder for marketers to really get a lot of traffic from Pinterest.

Basically, it’s phasing from the Wild Wild West to more of a Fort Knox. They are desperately trying to stop what they consider “spamming” on Pinterest.

For now, I think it’s pretty tough unless you are willing to do some risque things to get traffic.

Perhaps soon they will introduce an advertising element so marketers won’t continue to try to game the system with any means necessary.

I do think it would be a wise move for them, the amount of money it costs people to “spam” they could use the same money buying legitimate ads or “sponsored pins” if they were to introduce something like that.

Come on Pinterest, marketers just want traffic, why not sell it to them and cut out 85% of spam?

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