My thoughts on SEO and the Google Changes

Unless you don’t follow SEO or Google at all, you’re probably aware by now that they have been constantly mixing things up with all sorts of algorithm changes.

These changes have left people high and dry and many sites that were ranked well before are now nowhere to be found.

My response? So what! This is nothing new at all. When I started doing Internet Marketing over 10 years ago now (wow does time fly), my VERY first lesson was not to rely on someone like Google to give me all my traffic for free through SEO.

The very first successful web business I had relied heavily on organic Google traffic. I had hundreds of thousands of unique visitors per month and was doing quite well on Google Adsense (and eventually Affiliate Marketing because of that “Free” traffic).

Then, I got “hit” like a lot of SEO people are right now. I got hit and my sites vanished from Google, no where to be found and my Adsense income went from REALLY good to practically nothing overnight.

I have friends today that have been hit by Google really hard in the past few months. Some of them lost astronomical amounts of money.

And, it just re-affirms my belief that you need to be a media buyer not a person that relies on “free” traffic. Google is a business, if they deem that changing up their search algoritm every month or so will cause SEOs to panic and stop gaming the system, then so be it. And they can certainly do that since it’s a private company that does not owe it to us to give free traffic that way.

One of the outspoken Google execs has even said recently that the best thing you can do is just ignore the “changes” lately and keep building quality content.

This has been my motto from the start. I rarely ever try to optimize my sites too much for search. And some of them rank pretty darn well for just focusing on quality content.


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