MyAds Tutorial Videos

Did you know – MySpace, one of the biggest Social Networks in the world has an Ad Service known as MyAds.

I recommend MyAds for a few reasons:

1) They actually have customer support that will give you more than just a canned response. They will not only help you setup your campaign on a technical level, they will give you creative advice.

2) They truly understand that the “little guys” make up the bulk of their revenue and contrary to Facebook, they don’t make it hard for little guys to spend a small amount of money every day testing out a campaign.

3) MySpace has a wide open demographic, literally every group is represented on MySpace.

4) They tend to be less expensive CPC/CPM wise than Facebook, at least in my experience.

Watch the videos, it’s worth watching, then sign up at for an advertiser account. Just watching the videos you should get a pretty good idea of what could possibly convert on MySpace.

MySpace MyAds – How It Works

MySpace MyAds | MySpace Video

Webinar for MyAds Advertisers

MySpace MyAds | MySpace Video

MySpace MyAds – Audience Targeting – Geo Targeting

MySpace MyAds | MySpace Video

MySpace MyAds – Banner Ad Builder

MySpace MyAds | MySpace Video


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