Powerful New Ad Fraud Detection Group Forms

New Ad Fraud Detection Group FormsWhen you live and die on impressions or actions, it is critical that everyone in the process trusts the data.  With concerns continuing to grow about online advertising, a powerful new ad fraud detection group has been formed by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and supported by 30 big consumer and business brands.  Welcome to the problem, we wish you well.

Bogus traffic costs advertisers because they give the impression of viewers even though the impression is generated by a bot or a virus.  The new organization, called White Ops, has the goal to study and end bot fraud.  What is so interesting about the bot problem is how clear it is to everyone that the problem is occurring, but no one is sure who’s to blame.  Many blame automated ad exchanges as the source of the trouble, and with digital ad spending expected to grow 17% this calendar year to over $140B, its time to end the questions and the issue.

White Ops did not name the specific members of its group, but its parent, ANA, includes members such as Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson and General Motors.

The plan is to track the online campaigns of the 30 partner advertisers starting in August, and report back on the amount of bot fraud they are experiencing.  The measurements will be across multiple ad types, including display, video, social and mobile ads.  Sites with a high degree of fraud will be identified and shared with the study participants.

Here’s hoping they share the list of troublesome sites and exchanges, and that the industry takes action to police itself aggressively.

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