Reverse Media Buying Case Study

I put together this video for you guys on Reverse Media Buying.

Reverse Media Buying as I will explain in the video is the art of buying media such as banners while finding websites via search engines and other means, from websites that don’t go out and solicit their own sales. Usually you can get a much better deal by doing this and approaching sites yourself, that don’t have a salesman working their banner spots.


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  1. Good video – The value is in all the little judgment call comments you make along the way (like ‘this is cheap, this is crap, this is good’). Thanks!

  2. Woot! Great video, enjoyed it a lot.

  3. Nice share! People using this strategy will stand a far better chance of success than those starting out with the networks.

  4. I had just sent email to a few websites asking about media buys and had no clue what kind of price I should be looking for or what a deal was. I’ve got a good ballpark to idea now, thanks!

  5. Pretty good strategy. I used to believe media buying was really hard to do, but as I started, I’ve realized it’s not that hard.

  6. Hey Brian,

    Very intriguing…any plans on doing more posts regarding this topic? Not much information out there about this topic…

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