Media Buying Agencies

Thinking of working with one of the Media Buying Agencies?

There are a lot of factors to consider when thinking about working with a Media Buying Agency.

I’ve seen two common scenarios that generally lead people to working with these agencies.

Scenario 1: You are a new media buyer and you need help.

In my opinion this is usually a bad reason to want to get involved with a media buying agency. The problem here is that you are putting a lot of trust in a company that they are going to be able to make something profitable for you. If you really think about it, if they could just make everything profitable from the get-go, why would they just be doing what you are doing and keeping 100% of the profits for them. They are in it for the fees you are going to be paying them. Even if they have a small performance supplement to what you are paying them, are they really going to be that motivated to make you a huge profit?

Scenario 2: You are an experienced media buyer and you want to scale up.

You’ve got far on your own and you feel like you need more of “you” to make more money. You are wondering if working with one of the media buying agencies is right for you. Sometimes, this might be a good option, sometimes it might not. I think this is a much more legitimate reason to get involved with an agency than Scenario 1. Although, there are potential problems as well and they are similar here, i.e. making sure you really have a company motivated to work extra hard for you.

If you can find that diamond in the rough, the media buying agency that’s going to work for you as if they were running their own campaign then I think it’s a brilliant idea.

Hiring Freelance Media Buyers.

There are also some cases where you can get a freelance media buyer involved. Sometimes these types can be talked into a mostly revenue share type of deal, and you know if it’s a revenue share deal then they are going to be motivated to make you as much money as possible to in turn make themselves as much money as possible.

Have your own product? Get affiliates, instead of Media Buying.

Another strategy is to get affiliates to promote your product directly (or through an Affiliate Network). If you’ve got your own product, that is. The key here is to know what your profit margins are and be able to calculate what you can afford to pay affiliates to the leg work for you. This tends to work best in less competitive fields where you can jump right in to a new niche before an army of advertisers are doing the same thing as you on all of the affiliate networks.

Media Buying Agencies.

This is an on-going list that I plan on updating to have a list of all the best media buying agencies. The reason I’m doing this is so you know who is trusted and who you can work with without fear of any of the nasty stuff I mentioned above, such as having an unmotivated agency working for you.

Contact Us, to get your agency listed. Must go through a review process by me personally before I can recommend it to readers.

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  1. Been looking into media agencies as well but not sure what offers to promote or really what to try out..

  2. Don’t think I’ll be working with that agency just yet now.. I’m senario 1. I was thinking of trying out CPA Tank’s media buying division but now not so much. The red light (its too good to be true) when they tell you just have to invest XX,xxx.

    • I wouldn’t consider that amount a red flag. It takes money to properly test and reach your CPA goals. Any serious media buying agency will require an investment of $20-30k. If I recall correctly, Engage:BDR requires $25k from new clients, and they are a very experienced group.

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