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EngageBDR – First Impression RTB

Running a successful Ad campaign is part art / part science.  EngageBDR has spent the past 10 months (and millions of dollars) developing First Impression, an RTB platform that is second to none.. By combining the right technology with proven display inventory, the right offer can bring in thousands of new leads daily.

Marketers need to understand the best methods to reach their target audience. Successful advertising in the digital age is much more about immediate adjustment and targeted campaigns. And because of this, today’s marketers need to master both the sciences and the humanities. These two fields of study are hard enough on their own, and few people have a strong grasp on both.

If you’ve never heard of EngageBDR, then you’ve been living on another planet :)  EngageBDR is the #1 rated international network by ComScore & Quancast. The company has an impressive history of working with well-branded, highly visible businesses: Warner Brothers, Reputation Management, Borgata, e-Harmony and many others have all chosen this firm to manage their Ad campaigns.  Additionally they LOVE affiliates and are known as the preferred ad network in the affiliate world.

First Impression BDR is the newest venture of this impressive company. And many industry-insiders expect it to revolutionize online marketing as we know it. By combining self-serve marketing with RTB, the geniuses behind the system have created a digital all-in-one solution. But before we go into what makes this collaboration so great, let’s examine its elements individually.

What Is Self Self-Serve Advertising?

The term self-serve advertising shouldn’t sound unfamiliar. For practically a decade, social networks like Facebook have enabled businesses to wage Ad campaigns on their own. This was a great relief for small and midsize business because contracting advertising firms is costly. And the marketing budgets of many smaller businesses are relatively sparse.

When social ads entered the scene, it turned the game on its head. Not only were social ads cheaper than mail-bombs or radio ads, they were also more effective.

Social ads can attribute most of their success to their targeting capabilities. Marketers have long understood demographics are important for Ad success. But the demographic targeting enabled by social networks was unprecedented.

Every time someone creates a social account, they voluntarily submit demographic data. This data comes from the user submitted fields regarding interests, gender, religion, political affiliation, etc. And businesses create ads based on one of, or a combination of, these fields of interest.

However, while social ads are a great marketing tool, EngageBDR Real Time RTB recognized that they do have several limitations. Networks place restrictions on Ad size and copy. And, in addition, social ads only work within their own social network.

Enter EngageBDR First Impression Real Time Bidding

While self-serve is a key feature of First Impression, the other component is equally impressive. RTB, or Real Time Bidding, is a relatively new advertising method that essentially follows an auction format.

The browsing habits of many Internet users are accessible to servers through said user’s Cookies. By researching a consumer’s browsing history, First Impression gets an idea of the consumer’s demographic. If that demographic matches targeted audience requirements, the platform bids on Ad space available on the viewed page.

This all happens in Real Time, meaning the Ad loads in time with the particular page. And because First Impressions bases bid amount on direct response likelihood, the platform streamlines ROI.


By combining self-serve advertising with RTB, EngageBDR has created an incredibly unique product. First Impression merges the best of social ads with the latest in Ad efficiency. To learn about the platform in more detail, visit the EngageBDR website. Collaboration is becoming increasingly important in our highly competitive, globalized economy.

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