Why you should dumb down your marketing

It’s almost as clear to me as yesterday when a confidant of mine gave me some great advice that at the time was very frustrating and unusual.

I was told that I should dumb everything down. Now, this confidant was not in the business at all, didn’t really understand what I was doing and frankly I just kind of shrugged and was slightly offended. They went on to say that my stuff was over complicated and that it made little to no sense to them from an outside perspective and that maybe my customers were thinking the same way.

I thought long and hard about that and it was one of the greatest moments in my marketing career. I literally realized that I needed to dumb down almost everything that I was doing. My sales pages were too long and confusing, my products were over complicated, I was trying to be Albert Einstein of marketing instead of the guy that was actually having all the success day in and day out. Einstein had years and years of failures before he had a single success. I didn’t really want to be that guy. I wanted to be the guy that started with small successes and built up to big successes. Not bashing Einstein here, he deserves a lot of credit and he want on to be much more than a 1 trick pony.

I’m starting to see the theme creep back up again. Mostly with ads but also with other things. You’ll see a case study of someone that went and spent hundreds of dollars having some ads created vs the guy that drew them in Paintbrush and finish it in 5 minutes. The guy doing the paintbrushing is almost always winning. And, I have a theory into this phenomenon.

A lot of graphic designers and sales page people are about to get really mad at me.

If we think about it carefully we will realize that modern day marketing has turned into a game of who can create the most “professional” style and graphics for their sales page/funnel. BUT, what’s the inherent problem with that? The more they have started to look and feel like SALES pages, we the consumer are in a sense turned off when we realize that we are being sold rather than just buying something because we genuinely want/need it.

My belief is that people do not want to feel like they are being sold to. They want to be genuinely engaged, and if that means creating “sloppy” ads and sales pages in paintbrush or dreamweaver, then so be it.

People really need to dumb down their marketing if they want to get anywhere with it. This stuff needs to make sense to the average joe off the street that may not be exposed to all kinds of marketing and sales stuff online. Or, if they are exposed to a bunch of stuff, and it all looks similar and your product or service stands out because it’s not the same “salesy” kind of style, maybe you’ll get the conversion.

Personally, whenever I put an ad online or do a sales page… I show someone that has no understanding of the business and I get their feedback on it. It doesn’t matter if they are the right demographic or not, I just want to see how it is received by someone that doesn’t see ads and sales pages on a daily basis. It’s quite interesting to do that and I always gain a lot of insight that I really can’t see myself sometimes.

All of this type of advice has to be taken with a grain of salt. Everyone thinks they know about marketing and sales but few actually do. Make sure you use the information as the voice of public opinion rather than having someone that doesn’t know anything try to tell you what’s going to work or not work.


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  1. Brian I think your confidant is absolutely right. The easier the better. For example, it made a massive difference for me when I added ‘click here for…’ as a call to action for a outgoing link.


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