New Year, New Marketing Goals

Things are changing fast in the internet marketing world. Specific tactics that worked well in 2011 aren’t going to necessarily work well in 2012. What is going to work well in 2012 may not work well in 2013. Times are changing fast, competition is getting smarter and you have to be 3 steps ahead these days to be competitive and keep the profit rolling.

I’m headed down to Affiliate Summit West 2012 in about a week and believe me it’s going to be a very busy event. Not only do I have to check in with clients, and talk to some new potentials to see if they would be a good fit for me, I’m also going to be looking closely at clients (and my own) competitors to see how they are running their marketing.

A good percentage of exhibitors at Affiliate Summit in particular are way behind the times for marketing anyways, some are stuck on tactics that worked several years ago for a limited number of affiliate networks/companies. They wrongfully think that because a certain company or two has blossomed using an aggressive tactic, that it should work for them too. But, the reality is that no two companies are the same and no one marketing tactic is not going to work the same for everyone. The potential is limitless and companies are incorrectly making the same mistakes.

This year I’m setting a personal goal to work with several new companies, get involved in a new venture or two, and utilize new marketing tactics that I haven’t used before. I’m expanding my horizons, setting new goals and making new dreams and plans – setting my future how I want. I think that readers should be doing the same with their businesses, setting goals, trying new things and continuing (or starting) to prosper.

I talk to a lot of other consultants and marketers that seem to have it in their mind that they have been successful because of a certain marketing tactic that they have learned really well. And, I find that to be a ridiculous concept, because in my consulting business I’ve been successful by being innovative and always pushing clients (and myself) to try new things. Companies don’t get ahead by doing the same old thing and copying everyone else, they get ahead by making new relationships, truly pushing the envelope and innovating their marketing.

I hope you all have a great holiday season, shoot an email to if you’re going to be at Affiliate Summit West 2012 and we’ll talk!

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