How is Your Ad Format Performance?

Ad format PerformanceA new report from Celtra is out, and it reveals a changing pattern for successful ad engagement. The short answers – video ads do work, and all ads seem to be performing consistently.


Celtra, developer of a cross-screen advertising technology platform, focused the ad on mobile ad format performance. After two years of falling engagement rates, it appears all formats have stabilized. The second piece of good news is time spent interacting with standard ad content increased by 33%.


Engagement rates for standard ad formats held steady at around 10% for the last few quarters, although it varies a lot by market segment. For example, the Consumer Packaged Goods segment has the highest engagement rate at 13.9%, with the time spent on the ad at approximately 10 seconds. The Entertainment segment produced the most engaging ads, as we have previously reported, since they should have the highest quality content.


Video play rates for standard ad formats have stabilized at just above 12% and have increased by 38% for expandable banners. Significantly though, video completion rates increased significantly in all segments last quarter, to 52% for standard formats and 77% for native formats.


Celtra reports that the expandable banner remains the ad format of choice, but fully interactive banners are closing the gap. This is especially true in the automotive segment.


The future remains brightest for video ads – both desktop and mobile formats – and the better the content the better the interaction. Likely what you had long suspected, but now backed up by the numbers.


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