Huge business tycoons and entrepreneurs using Astrology?

Most of us know Astrology as some weird hoaxy thing that we’re not sure if it’s “real” or not. Something to do with planets, when we were born and star signs.

I recently spent some time learning more about astrology and unearthed some shocking things.

At first, honestly, I was a bit skeptical. I didn’t think Astrology was even real let alone how it could possibly help me in business and marketing.

Not that it’s intended to really help in business and marketing but after learning more about it, I realized quickly that it could be used for more than just getting insight about yourself…

Taking a few steps back… I realized that astrology really does have a lot to offer in a personal and business sense. The most important part is the day you were born and the specific time you were born… that’s how a horoscope is done and more can be expanded upon from there.

Now, how is that helping make people successful? Well, it’s giving you more insight about yourself and if you’re relatively smart, you can use that effectively (and profitably).

But, here’s where the really cool stuff comes in…

Since Astrology uses your birthday and time of birth to give you that insight… who’s to say that you can’t use the time of inception of a business or business idea and get an astrology read done based on that? Dun, dun, dun!

Problem is, it’s expensive to get into this kind of high end astrology read done and especially the ones that relate it to business and starting new ventures etc. It goes a bit beyond astrology so you have to have the right person doing it, not just any old astrologist.

I’ve spent some time learning about it and know of someone on Fiverr that you can start with to get a basic personal astrology read click here for one I recommend. I have personally tested this and also know that this person offers more elaborate reads beyond the $5 read and you can get some higher end business stuff afterward.

I’ve been doing this for a while now and I would tell you exactly what I think but I want you to just try it out yourself and draw your own conclusion. Opt for the expanded read after you do the basic one and I don’t think you will regret the decision!

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