Building a content business the easy way

Building a content business the easy way

Many times I’m asked how to build up a content business, such as a blog or a news type site.

The answer might surprise you.

All the time I hear that it’s so hard to get traffic the natural way anymore and that you have to spend all this money and use all these “black hat” tactics to get any real traffic.

I couldn’t disagree more.

Quality Content, is the most important step. But what I mean by quality is probably not what you’re used to hearing.

Quality content really means content that people in that niche would be really excited about.

Let me give you an example. I heard about this site a few months back. It’s not the most masterfully crafted SEO site on the planet, it doesn’t have the most paid links, it doesn’t have the best marketing. But what it does have is content that dog lovers just eat up. They consume that content at a ridiculous rate and go back again and again.

This allows advertisers to tap into that audience that just consumes everything in front of them. For example in dogingtonpost’s case, they love dogs and all things dog. So, a dog related advertiser they are going to just eat that up, sometimes literally.

Here at Daily Conversions we are growing our blog and content business again too. We have several blogs in the works that are pumping out a lot of content and the content is growing at astronomical rates. It’s certainly not our SEO that’s getting people to view it, because we’re not spending a dollar on SEO right now. It’s the content.

Focus on your content, make it awesome. Make people want to see more of what you’ve got. Then, sure, take a look at SEO. But, I just feel many times people get too wrapped up in SEO that they forget that content is still the most important thing.


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