Email Marketing Statistics – Are You On Top Of Your Game?

Email marketing is still one of the most important marketing platforms for any company or business, or at least it should be. Think about it, most people with access to computers have at least one email address, and they also check it quite often. Nowadays, tons of people even use their cell phones to send and receive emails. What an amazing world.

This post is not the old regular “don’t you know that the money is in the list?” or “you need to have a list, because otherwise you’re missing out on potential recurring customers.” No, this is actually just a short post to see if you’re on top of your game. Lots of people claim that they are, but let’s see… If you know 4 or 5 of these things, then you are.

According to the latest Email Marketing Metrics report (which you should definitely read):

– Overall unique open rate has decreased to 11.2% over the past year
– Open and click rates are the highest on Sundays
– Subject lines of 35 characters or less tend to receive 52% higher open rates
– Personalized messages get about 7% higher open rates
– 75.8% of total opens are expected in the first 24 hours

And where did I find it in the first place? At a website for professionals that I think you should bookmark if you’re into e-commerce and marketing online:

There… Two interesting links in one post! Say “Thank you, Sam.”

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  1. Thank you, Sam!

  2. Well crap. I just bombed my list this morning lol. Meh I will hit em up again on Sunday!

  3. Now to make a twitter with 32 ch

  4. Sunday huh?

    I almost figured it would be on Monday. The day people are “back and ready to go” not on the day of rest.

  5. Nice article, we posted a similar overview recently and just linked back to yours for good points that we missed!

  6. sunday or monday morning? gosh
    “Overall unique open rate has decreased to 11.2% over the past year” scary fact ….too many e-mail marketer out there ?

  7. Email marketing is quite effective in lead generation. i made a couple of affiliate sales by email marketing alone::;

  8. Thanks for sharing, Sam.
    Now business marketers pay more attention to email marketing for its convenience, low-cost and far reaching targets, and there are many email marketing services. For example, if you want to promote new products, you can use Comm100 Newsletter. It can collect and manage the contact list, send free emails to targeted members and track the status of the sent emails.

  9. sometimes i hate e-mail marketers coz they email me some spammy stuffs`-`

    • This is a very uneducated statement. It’s like saying that all Italians are in the Mafia. We’re not all in the mafia. And all email marketers are not spammers.

  10. email marketing is great specially if you have a large list of email address of potential customers”`’


  1. […] Edit – A reader just pointed out that we missed another interesting statistic “Subject lines of 35 characters or less tend to receive 52% higher open rates . . .” – care of the Daily Conversions blog. […]

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