Heartbleed: Apathy Far Exceeds Action

Best case or worst case, the Heartbleed bug was/is a big issue. But it turns out only about 40% of people have done anything to protect themselves, according to new research by Netcraft and Software Advice. Software Advice surveyed 3,000 people in the US and discovered that two–thirds had done nothing to protect their accounts. No new passwords. No stepped up tracking. As widespread as we all though Heartbleed was, Software Advice reports that only half of the survey population had even heard … [Read more...]

The New American Airlines – We Really Want to Know (About) You


While work is underway to complete the merger with US Airways, the New American Airlines is also at work to better understand visitors to its website. Recent reports show they are experimenting with clickstream technology, which is able to record everything a user does on a website. The goal is to understand exactly what propels a user to purchase a ticket at American or one of their competitors. The trial does not involve every visitor to aa.com, but only to a limited set. They are hoping … [Read more...]

I’ve Been Hacked. What Should I Have Done?


One of the worst feelings in cyberspace is discovering your site has been hacked, that someone for either fun or spite has take the time to break into your site and create havoc. It happened to a friend of mine last week, immediately destroying his weekly plans and forcing him to turn his attention to working with the site host to rebuild and correct the problems. It’s too late for him, but what should he have done (and what can we learn)? 1) Be sure your CMS, theme and plugins are all at … [Read more...]