15 Affiliate Marketing Hashtags You Should Be Using On Twitter


    If you’re using twitter for your affiliate marketing then you should absolutely be making use of hashtags. Hashtags are a great way to get your content in front of a targeted audience. If you’re promoting offers from your advertisers, Twitter is a great way to get your offers seen by a huge audience. However, you have to make sure you are doing it right, if you don’t use the right hashtags then you could be limiting your audience significantly. So how do you know if … [Read more...]

GoodWorld – Hashtags to Help

Hashtags to Help

These days there are lots of ways to help. Text a message to the Red Cross and have the donation show up on your phone bill. Buy a gift for a military man or woman at the airport and its automatically added to your receipt. My public radio station, KCLU, now has the ability during pledge drives to text you the link to its mobile site. And now, a new startup is looking for hashtags to help. If a charity has registered with Washington, DC based start-up GoodWorld, interested donors can use the … [Read more...]

Twitter’s Promoted Video Ads Working

Twitter’s Promoted Video ads, which have been in test across the platform, are performing very well for the Twitter folks, according to early test results. “we’re seeing very good engagement rates; the preliminary results are very strong,” reports Amy Peterman of 360i. Users are showing a strong tendency to watch the ads, and in some cases the viewers are significantly cheaper than video views on sites like YouTube. Promoted video ads allow marketers to insert video clips into a user’s feed, … [Read more...]

How Many Twitter Users are There Really?

When Twitter reported their Q2 numbers last week, there was a rush of excitement about the number of users that had been attracted to the microblogging site. But deeper in the details is information that properly causes the question – how many Twitter users are there really? The online presentation that accompanied the financial results reports that more and more Twitter users are accessing the service through applications that blog any advertising. For example, in the 271M users reported at … [Read more...]

Is Facebook Becoming MySpace?

"Things change." "It isn’t you, it’s me." "I’m just not feeling it." All of these are well known breakup lines. Here’s a new one to add to your vocabulary – “Facebook, I’m just not that into you”, or at least so says a new research study. Is Facebook becoming MySpace? Facebook has recently acknowledged that it is losing its youngest users. But a new survey from USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future and Bovitz Inc. shows that these aren’t the only users planning on seeing less of their … [Read more...]

Twitter Research Finds Twitter Amplifies TV Ads

Two weeks ago in Canne, Twitter and Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG) revealed data from a new study on the effectiveness of Twitter ads. The data shows the micro blogging platform is highly effective for advertisers. Daily Conversions wants to share some thoughts, but first, the findings, which was built from a number of sources, including Nielsen, Datalogix and 15 of SMG’s clients. All clients were based in the USA. Twitter + TV = Increased Brand Awareness Versus TV Alone. When companies … [Read more...]

Facebook & Twitter Don’t Work for Priceline Advertising

Priceline is largest digital ad spender

Online advertising has its big 3: Google, Facebook and Twitter. But for Priceline CEO Darren Huston, only one is driving transactions – Google.  Facebook and Twitter do not work for Priceline Advertising. “For Facebook and Twitter, we have endless amounts of money,” Huston said last week in an interview with Bloomberg. “But we haven’t found anything there.” As on of the largest spenders on online advertising, Huston’s comments are sure to create debates around the country about which forms of … [Read more...]

Is Twitter Rethinking #hashtags and @reply?


Last month, Twitter’s head of news Vivian Schiller stated that both hashtags and @-symbols are “arcane”, leading many tech observers to think the company may be preparing to separate themselves from the characters. The company has already begun testing a version of an Android alpha test app that does not use the @-symbol, reports BuzzFeed. Some people at Twitter believe the symbols are holding new users back from adopting the micro-blogging sites. The thinking is that new users are … [Read more...]

A Case of the Mondays?


A great blog post from Twitter last week on what users feel during the week.  They looked at the usage of different words and phrases last year by day of the week and month to see what the world tweets. Then they turned that data into a ratio of Tweets containing those words in English per million posted. Turns out the world tweets the same words on the same days. #feelingsad is hot on a Sunday in December or a Monday in October.  #feelinghappy comes on Tuesdays, especially New Years Eve.  … [Read more...]

Twitter’s Diversity Makes It Powerful

While our cartoon friend might argue, it turns out that the internet in general is not a particularly diverse place.  But that is not the case with Twitter, which turns out to be significantly more racially diverse than other sites. Black, Hispanic and Asian-American users make up more than 41% of Twitter’s US users, compared to 34% at Facebook and 33% of all Internet users, this according to data from the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project. In December of 2013, … [Read more...]