Is Facebook Becoming MySpace?

"Things change." "It isn’t you, it’s me." "I’m just not feeling it." All of these are well known breakup lines. Here’s a new one to add to your vocabulary – “Facebook, I’m just not that into you”, or at least so says a new research study. Is Facebook becoming MySpace? Facebook has recently acknowledged that it is losing its youngest users. But a new survey from USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future and Bovitz Inc. shows that these aren’t the only users planning on seeing less of their … [Read more...]

Twitter Research Finds Twitter Amplifies TV Ads

Two weeks ago in Canne, Twitter and Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG) revealed data from a new study on the effectiveness of Twitter ads. The data shows the micro blogging platform is highly effective for advertisers. Daily Conversions wants to share some thoughts, but first, the findings, which was built from a number of sources, including Nielsen, Datalogix and 15 of SMG’s clients. All clients were based in the USA. Twitter + TV = Increased Brand Awareness Versus TV Alone. When companies … [Read more...]

B2B Marketing Social Media – Why Use What You Think is Ineffective?

Why use ineffective social media

We’ve been looking at a recent B2B Marketing report from the Content Marketing Institute. As I process its messages and meanings, the most striking revelation to me is the number of B2B marketers who not only remain unsure of the value of Social Media, but also continue to promote platforms that they have strong belief are ineffectual. The table below shows the percent of B2B Marketers using the top 5 social media platforms, and their believe that it’s not effective Platform Used by … [Read more...]

B2B Marketing – Most Effective Content Strategies

Most Effective B2B Content Strategies

William Wrigley once said that half of all the advertising money he spent for his chewing gum was wasted. The problem was he couldn’t figure out which half. In the 21st Century, B2B marketers face the same dilemma – where should we be spending our time and money? A recent Content Marketing Institute survey provides some ideas. Of the top 12 strategies, it provides a window of insight into which ones really work. Most effective in the mind of marketers are In-person events, usually speaking … [Read more...]

B2B Marketing – Most Popular Content Strategies

Most popular B2B content strategies

What are the most popular and most effective content strategies for B2B marketers? A recent study by the Content Marketing Institute revealed that more than half of all B2B marketers used 12 different strategies, with the top 5 being Social Media (other than blogs) 87%, articles on their own website 81%, eNewsletters 80%, Blogs 76% and In-person events 76%. Over the last year, only one new form of content grew to exceed the 50% usage rate – Infographics, just over the line at 51%. Making up … [Read more...]

B2B Buying and Social Media: Search and Follow Up Matter the Most

B2B buyers, social media, followup

Business buyers start researching new products or service with search, and search is the leading option by 60% of B2B buyers when the primary and secondary sources are totaled, according to The 2014 B2B Buyer Behavior Survey: How content and social media are impacting the buyer journey. Vendor websites are second, at about 44% when combining primary and secondary sources. That’s nearly the same as peers and colleagues, which totaled 41%. Social media scored dead last as a primary source of … [Read more...]

B2B and Social Media – How to Reach the Unreachable B2B Buyer

B2B Unreachable buyer

Business buyers are much more frequently connecting with solutions providers directly through social media, 57% more often now than in 2012, according to The 2014 B2B Buyer Behavior Survey: How content and social media are impacting the buyer journey. While the percentage of buyers who did research via social media was unchanged at 72%, it became much more common for buyers to reach out via social media, according to the DemandGen Report. The top choice? LinkedIn was the winner for senior … [Read more...]

How the B2B Buying Process has Evolved – Crisp, Clear & Intelligent

B2B Buying Process

More more time, more peer recommendations and RoI calculations are all changes that have occurred over the last 2 years with B2B buyers according to DemandGen Reports’ 2014 B2B Buyer Behavior Survey – How content and social media are impacting the buyer journey. We’re taking a look at its key findings this week. Little changed was the percentage of survey respondents who claim to be using more sources to research and evaluate purchases now versus 2012 – 68% now compared to 66% 2 years … [Read more...]

Bullitt: Hollywood Veterans Turn to Long Form Commercials

Bullitt: Hollywood Veterans turn to ads

Native ads are proving themselves to be the most engaging advertising format online, with the entertainment industry getting the best results due to high quality content. Now a couple of Hollywood veterans are turning their attention to helping other industries create content for long form commercials ripe for native placement. Joe and Anthony Russo, lead directors for Captain America: The Winter Soldier have formed a new advertising company with an emphasis on storytelling and innovation. … [Read more...]

Social Media Prenups – Are You Protected?

Social media prenup

What would it cost you if your spouse revealed too much on social media?  And what impact would it have on your career?  While at first you might laugh this off, in the 21st century it has become an important reality. According to a new report by ABC News, an increasing number of couples are including social media clauses in their prenuptial agreements.  In the report, New York-based attorney Ann-Margaret Carrozza, for someone making less than $5 million in New York City, it would cost the … [Read more...]