Can Only Google Stop Google

Can only Google stop Google

As the world increasingly runs on Google, the question must be raised – can anything stop their power and grip on internet advertising? Combining brand knowledge, resources to invest in new technologies, and ubiquity in the applications that people use on the web, Google would seem to have a insurmountable lead. But given some recent trends, we have to ask, can only Google stop Google? The question is raised in yesterday’s Globe and Mail, which reports that increasingly advertisers are … [Read more...]

Google and Starbucks WiFi – Now Even More Interesting


When the word first broke about Google reaching a deal to supply WiFi services to Starbucks over AT&T, most reports described it as a way for Google to expand their fiber network while simultaneously greatly accelerating the network performance of the java joint’s wireless network. But as more information comes out about the agreement, we see that speed has nothing to do with it. It was announced that the internet service will actually be owned and operated by Level 3 Communications, and … [Read more...]

Reputation Management Services

Here at Daily Conversions we're now going to be offering a number of services ranging from SEO to Reputation Management and PPC/Media Buying. This all got started because we would always hear from Affiliate Networks that were getting affiliates (or competitors) writing bad things about them. We have years and years of experience doing SEO and Reputation Management for other companies, so we decided to offer it to affiliate networks, advertisers, product owners, law firms, etc., basically … [Read more...]

My thoughts on SEO and the Google Changes

Unless you don't follow SEO or Google at all, you're probably aware by now that they have been constantly mixing things up with all sorts of algorithm changes. These changes have left people high and dry and many sites that were ranked well before are now nowhere to be found. My response? So what! This is nothing new at all. When I started doing Internet Marketing over 10 years ago now (wow does time fly), my VERY first lesson was not to rely on someone like Google to give me all my … [Read more...]

SEO = Competitive Research


What makes up a good SEO campaign? Well, that depends on what your competitors are doing. I can rank first for "random long phrase one two four" in a matter of 5 minutes because there are currently no competitors. Yet, if I want to be competitive with something like "voip los angeles" then I have a lot more work to do. That work starts with looking at what my competitors are doing. On page factors are very important but ultimately at the end of the day those are pretty easy to figure out just … [Read more...]

Bringing Offline Clients Online – Great Cash For Starting An Online Business


One of the first ways I got started in internet marketing and, after several failed attempts at other things, started making some real good money with was to bring local offline clients online. What do I mean with this? Well, a true entrepreneur sees possibilities everywhere. Remember the old "Ask and you shall receive?" Without getting biblical, it's actually a very valid and true quote. You need to start opening your eyes, and you need to start asking questions. Don't be afraid of … [Read more...]