An Affiliate Marketer’s Guide to Advertising on Trafficvance


Even though the company has been around since 2006, there’s a buzz about Trafficvance on the major affiliate marketing forums. So what’s the big deal? Well, Trafficvance promises to deliver uniquely high converting traffic to your landing page. They do this by showing your ads to customers who’ve downloaded their gaming software and who’ve also agreed to view advertising material. The clever part is this: these gaming apps also contain tracking code to gather information about the … [Read more...]

An Affiliate Marketer’s Guide to Advertising on 50onRed


If you’ve been in affiliate marketing for a while, you’ll know how hard it is to achieve organic search results. So the smart marketer is one who covers all their bases, attracting traffic by a range of means. As a savvy affiliate, you can’t afford to ignore the potential of 50onRed, a traffic platform enabling you to pick and choose technologies that easily connect your campaigns with international markets.        How Does 50onRed Work? 50onRed uses cost per click (CPC) … [Read more...]

An Affiliate Marketer’s Guide To Advertising on Reddit


    Affiliate marketing isn’t a licence to print money overnight, and as an affiliate you’re committed to growing your audience through every avenue available to you. In 2015, one of the most direct routes to a large number of people has to be Reddit. The self-styled ‘front page of the internet’, Reddit resembles a wiki generated by an espresso fiend. In a nutshell, it’s an online community where members post links to content such as blog posts, news items, pictures and … [Read more...]

An Affiliate Marketer’s Guide To Advertising on ZeroPark


Traditional approaches to affiliate marketing are highly competitive. Furthermore, many advertising providers (e.g. Google Adwords) discourage the use of their platforms for affiliate marketing purposes. If you’re serious about making money from affiliate marketing, you need to think outside the box. ZeroPark is an advertising platform that uses parked domains. It was developed with affiliate marketing in mind, so it’s the ideal choice for anyone who wants to up his or her affiliate marketing … [Read more...]

Will Your Partners Really Scale Their Web Business?

Will Your Partners Really Scale Their Web Business

The money is clearly moving online. Big advertisers like Facebook and Google are seeing their profits rise. But what about you? Are you getting your fair or unfair share? And will your partners really scale their web business? There was an interesting article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal on the myriad of middlemen who have gone public but are yet to see profitability. Rocket Fuel, YuMe, Rubicon Project and Millennial Media are all mentioned as companies that are seeing revenue grow, … [Read more...]

Powerful New Ad Fraud Detection Group Forms

When you live and die on impressions or actions, it is critical that everyone in the process trusts the data.  With concerns continuing to grow about online advertising, a powerful new ad fraud detection group has been formed by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and supported by 30 big consumer and business brands.  Welcome to the problem, we wish you well. Bogus traffic costs advertisers because they give the impression of viewers even though the impression is generated by a bot … [Read more...]

Premium Content CPM Rises, Lower Engagement Prices Wane

Advertising rates vary greatly between the New York Times and local, rural newspapers. Increasingly we are seeing the same phenomenon occur online. Premium content CPM rates are increasing, while the more plentiful, less engaging content is seeing its rates go lower. Overall, rates are flat, according to a new eMarketer report, “Desktop Display CPMs 2014: Rising at the Top, Falling at the Bottom, Squeezed in the Middle.” All CPM inventory has moved in a small range over the last few years, … [Read more...]

Financial Times – Going Above and Beyond CPM

Financial Times Abandons CPM

As the business models for Internet advertising continue to evolve, one of the World’s leading print companies is offering an alternative to CPM – the long time leader in all advertising rate calculation.  The Financial Times recently announced that in addition to CPM, it will sell display ads based on the time its audience spends with content – call it engagement time. The British newspaper hopes this solves one of the key viewing problems that plague the advertising industry. They are also … [Read more...]

Bad Ads Still a Big Issue


Suspicious impressions remain a huge issue for the adoption of online advertising.  In fact, a recent survey by Solve Media found that over six in every 10 impressions served online in the US in Q4 2013 were done so to suspicious, nonhuman agents. This number was up from 44% in Q1 2013—and more than twice as high as mobile-served ads (25%). On one hand, online advertising remains a huge growth engine so why worry?  Most of us though realize that rather than be Alfred B. Neuman, we should be … [Read more...]


Research shows that the greater determination of a viewer’s decision to convert, either to purchase or to request information, is the amount of hover time over an ad RATHER than a click.  Viewers who spend more time over the advertisement are significantly more likely to become customers than those who click indiscriminately.   The research by comScore and Pretarget indicates that the traditional way of buying mass impressions and hoping for conversions (aka “spray and pray”) is not … [Read more...]