The 7 Skills That Every Successful Affiliate Marketer Has In Abundance


    Becoming a successful affiliate marketer requires a special set of skills. The affiliate game can sometimes be demoralising and confusing, so it takes a lot to push through the bad times and reap the benefits of the good times. Being an affiliate marketer definitely isn’t for everyone. If you think you’re up to the challenge then you’ll need these 7 skills to see you through.   Problem Solving Skills Problem solving plays a huge part in affiliate marketing. So … [Read more...]


bigpreview_Passionate Kiss

The old adage was actions speak louder than words. But that was the old adage. Today it's is all about the words, or so report Robbin Phillips and Greg Cordell in their new book The Passion Conversation. The key finding from these two McKinsey researcher is that 50% of all business is driven by word of mouth. In an age where advertising dollars drive TV, Radio, Online, Social and even street signs trying to reach audiences either wide or so narrow that the CPM is sky high, the best … [Read more...]

How To Become An Advertiser In The Affiliate Industry

It's a question that I'm asked over and over again. How do I become an advertiser in the affiliate industry? I should first start it off by stating that it's not the easiest thing in the world, and there are certainly startup costs involved in becoming an advertiser. But, if that doesn't scare you off then there is certainly a good deal of money to be made by becoming an advertiser. This is especially true if you're willing to take a bit of risk. I've seen first hand far too many … [Read more...]


In college, I worked at the campus radio station. During my junior year, we blew out the FM stereo transponder of the transmitter, causing all of our music programming to come our sounding flat and monotone. Weeks later when the equipment was repaired, we celebrated the return to high quality stereo. Imagine the richness that can come with switching our brains back to stereo. This three post series is a little different than typical Daily Conversions content. Typically, we look at ways to … [Read more...]


People think and respond differently after long periods of screen time. Cognitive learning and behavior are narrowed and reduced when we live in a world that is always on-line. Not better or worse necessarily, just different. And that deserves some thought. Neuroscientists at Stanford have used MRI tests to compare patterns of brain activity when humans skim content leisurely versus when they concentrate hard on literature. Concentrated reading, we are told, excites not only the parts of the … [Read more...]


Most of us love technology. It’s at the heart of our lives and incomes, and our instinct tells us we have harnessed it for good, the betterment of our lives and at least the lives of some others. But what if it’s all a lie? Research reveals our emotional and empathetic pathways are being eroded by hours of being on-line, staring at screens. Clinical psychologists in San Francisco have been running experiments where participants virtually search for a lost diabetic child in search of insulin. … [Read more...]

Using a VPN to protect your data while you’re on WiFi

90% of people use free WiFi connections at places like Starbucks without even a second thought into just how secure it is. I recently spoke with a wireless security expert and he said that in less than 2 minutes a hacker can join a free public WiFi network like the kind you would find at Starbucks, and have access to accounts of everyone using that connections. Session hijacking is amongst one of the biggest concerns. A hacker can simply use a free Firefox plugin to gain access to your … [Read more...]

I created a monster…

It was 4 years ago last Thursday that I created a monster... I had been hired by a local company to improve their marketing campaign to their existing clients. Essentially we were re-marketing to their client base, to get them back in to spend more money. They provided a service at their local office. They had 1 location. They had roughly 3,200 customers, since they opened their doors. Quite a bit for the area, considering their competition. Clearly they were doing something right … [Read more...]

Do No Harm – What Doctors and Marketers Share

2500 or so years ago, Hippocrates coined a perfect phrase for affiliates and medical personnel.  His oath, still used in medical schools around the world, is summarized by the simple phrase “do not harm”. A couple of weeks ago I wrote on the lifetime value of a customer.  The assumption in that post is that you will maintain a customer for a long period of time.  Today, let’s consider what happens if you don’t.  If you violate the oath and they decide not to read or engage with your site … [Read more...]

Be Extraordinary or what’s the point?

I was thinking about writing a long post about some more things that I saw at Affiliate Summit, but I think you guys get the gist of what happens at the shows and my perspective of them. What I think a lot of people really need, is to to open their minds and hearts. Stop trying to do things and just do them. Stop hoping to get what you want, and go out and get it. Let me tell you something. When I was a kid, and this might sound a bit cocky, but I promise it's not intended to... I knew I … [Read more...]