Twitter Partners with Omnicom for Mobile Ads

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Word broke late last week that Twitter and Omincom have reached an agreement for cooperation on mobile advertising valued at $230M over the next two years. The agreement pairs Accuen, Omnicom's programmatic ad buying unit, with MoPub, Twitter's add exchange.  Terms include locking ad rates and inventory for Omnicom agency customers, as well as giving them a preview and first right to buy new ad units as they are developed.  Also, the parties agreed to conduct shared research, although no … [Read more...]

Fighting Fraud Part 1: Google, Facebook, Twitter and AOL Launch launched

Recognizing their business models are built upon faith in Internet advertising, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and AOL have come together to launch, with the goal of protecting consumers from deceptive advertising on the web. The new organization will be a clearing house for information on trends in deceptive ads, and a place for consumers to seek help in stopping bad ads and practices. As a part of the launch, released its first bad-ad trend report on tech-support … [Read more...]

Facebook & Twitter Don’t Work for Priceline Advertising

Priceline is largest digital ad spender

Online advertising has its big 3: Google, Facebook and Twitter. But for Priceline CEO Darren Huston, only one is driving transactions – Google.  Facebook and Twitter do not work for Priceline Advertising. “For Facebook and Twitter, we have endless amounts of money,” Huston said last week in an interview with Bloomberg. “But we haven’t found anything there.” As on of the largest spenders on online advertising, Huston’s comments are sure to create debates around the country about which forms of … [Read more...]

Finding A Top Mobile Offer To Promote


There are not a lot of sure things in life, but there are some things that will probably happen. In mobile affiliate marketing, it's as close to a sure thing as there is that anti-virus and battery saver apps will always be popular. The question is, how do you find the best one? Well, that's actually way simpler than you might think. Take a big mobile affiliate network, like, for example. You can rest assured that when you sign up and ask a top Affiliate Manager for a high … [Read more...]

Lights, Camera, Action! Facebook Goes with Video Ads

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Facebook is going into motion with its advertising, announcing this week that it is testing new video advertising.  Unlike the myriad of video currently posted by users on the site, these ads will display both video and sound as soon as they appear on the screen. The challenge for Facebook is how to engage, not repulse users.  Facebook wants to increase the value of its ads to buyers, but needs users to continue to login and visit the site frequently.  So far, the company has announced that … [Read more...]

Google, Godin and Jumping the Shark

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Late last week, Google announced that they were going to be using user images and recommendations in advertisements WITHOUT asking them first. I was not really surprised, but was disappointed that we are seeing this happen. But before I could think of the right thing to say, Seth Godin captured my thinking beautifully, and a lot more crisply, in a post called "Is Google Jumping the Shark". Stop and read it. Then opt out of the Google Silent Endorsement campaign here. … [Read more...]



Forrester Research has been looking at the value of affiliates to brand advertisers.  No surprise – the data shows advertising works for long and short-term relationships. The data reveals for new brands 42% of those surveyed are more likely to try and purchase from a completely new brand after seeing an offer on an affiliate site.  Viral marketing also appears to be aided by promotions on affiliate sites, with 40% of online shoppers stating they would refer a company that places a … [Read more...]



Forrester Research has looked at how affiliates and online marketing can help a company improve its revenue and transactions through brick and mortar relationships – purchases that consumers and businesses make AFTER seeing a brand advertise online. It’s not a huge surprise that the number one reason people buy something online is they expect they are getting a better deal.  The “deals” factor, mentioned by about half those interviewed believe the deal is always better online, and therefore … [Read more...]

Changes Ahead? FTC Investigates Google Ad Business

Bloomberg News reports the FTC has opened an investigation into the practices of Google’s ad business. While neither party is commenting, Bloomberg states this investigation is a part of the six-year monitoring program of Google’s online-advertising business after it acquired DoubleClick. The investigation was supposedly kicked off when unnamed rivals of Google’s advertising-technology claimed that Google has allegedly combined several of its ad-related services forcing publishers to use all … [Read more...]

Google Cans GAN because of Advertiser Choice?

On April 16th, Google announced that it is canning its Google Affiliate Network effective July 31st. Why? And what does it mean for your affiliate traffic and income? As with most press releases, there is little hard information on why Google made the decision, however there are a couple of things that can be gleaned: 1) Adsense Continues – Google will continue Adsense, its extremely successful matchmaker service between sites and advertisers. However, with Adsense there is little ability … [Read more...]