The New American Airlines – We Really Want to Know (About) You


While work is underway to complete the merger with US Airways, the New American Airlines is also at work to better understand visitors to its website. Recent reports show they are experimenting with clickstream technology, which is able to record everything a user does on a website. The goal is to understand exactly what propels a user to purchase a ticket at American or one of their competitors. The trial does not involve every visitor to, but only to a limited set. They are hoping … [Read more...]


Using the premise that a reader action can’t occur unless reader and ad meet, this week I’ve been looking at ways to evaluate your site and its revenue performance.  We looked at ad location and site performance so far, and now we turn to network performance.  You’re only as fast as the company you keep. The reason for this series is the comScore study that says more than 50% of all ads are never seen by readers. As affiliates, we spend a lot of time reviewing offers and content to ensure … [Read more...]


We all have a need for speed – speedy loads of our site and its associated ad servers.  In a world where people grow bored and move on in an average of 3.4 seconds, we do not want to do anything to encourage site defection.  So how fast is your site? According to comScore, over half of all display ads on websites are never displayed, resulting in significantly reduced earnings for the publishers.  Last time I challenged you to take a close look at the design of your site, especially what is … [Read more...]



Do over half your readers never see the ads you want displayed? A recent study from comScore looking at the period of time from May 2012 to February 2013 reports that 54% of online display ads are not seen by anyone. For example, ConAgra Foods discovered that more than 30% of the time its ads were being displayed in a nonviewable portion of the page. While we all want to believe that every reader reads every word, some just never reach the bottom. Kellogg reports that up to half of its ads … [Read more...]

Are your landing pages iPad and iPhone friendly?

Apple's user base is only growing and if your landing pages aren't iPad and iPhone compatible then you are seriously behind the times. I'm writing this post from an iPad so I know that Daily Conversions is compatible. With the release of the new iPad which is super amazingly clear there are going to be even more people than ever looking at your stuff, clicking your ads and trying to buy your products from these types of devices. There was once a time that you could get away with not … [Read more...]

Common landing page mistake that scares customers away

Landing page optimization is one of the most common things that people ask me about. I find mistakes all the time, some mistakes bigger than others. Recently, I was helping a friend with a landing page and something came up about Disclaimers. He basically had a disclaimer that was VERY scary, and it was positioned before his content. It was setup like this: DISCLAIMER CONTENT CONTENT BIGGER DISCLAIMER Essentially, the content was surrounded by a very scary disclaimer. … [Read more...]

WPSubscribers Review

Picture 19

It's a pleasure to be writing this WPSubscribers Review, this Wordpress plugin totally rocks! The plugin is similar to one I used to use called Pop Up Domination. Let's just say, WPSubscribers is the new plugin that I will be using to take care of opt-ins on Daily Conversions from here out. The features alone on this plugin are not matched anywhere else right now. This is the most dynamic plugin around that lets you control exactly where you want your opt-ins and exactly when they should … [Read more...]

Copy the competition?


Should you copy your competition? If someone is advertising a lot and you see their landing page or website all over the place, should you copy them? Before you go out copying your competitors here's a few things to keep in mind. Just because you see a banner all over the place, doesn't mean it's making any money for them. There are such things as monthly ad placement deals and minimum spends. If your competitor buys a 1 month banner spot, that certainly doesn't mean it's making … [Read more...]

6 Tips On How To Increase Your Lead Capture Page Conversions


Here are some basic tips for all you new people, or for those looking to increase the conversion rate on their lead capture pages. This is not really anything new and revolutionary if you’ve been in the game for a while, but I always get questions on how people can increase their conversion rate, so here are some FREE tips for you! Oh, and these are of course general tips that may or may not apply to specific campaigns… 1. The headline is the most important thing on the page. If that doesn’t … [Read more...]

New Blog Design Launched!


How do you guys like the new blog design? I'm going out on a limb here and asking for everyone to comment with their likes and dislikes about the new design! A couple focal points that I want your opinions on: Is it easy to navigate? Do you like the logo? Is there anything you would change? Answers to any of these questions would be appreciated! … [Read more...]