Learn how to sell with Sales Freaks

Here is an extraordinary interview with Michael C. Tobias about selling and how to sell. Full BIO at the bottom. Tell us a bit about you and your background. I am a extremist in entrepreneurship and I am enthralled with doing more. I have always set out not just to be number one but to contend and find competition. I remember so many times in my life I was asked to define who I am…well I am more than what I can truly elongate into words. I am a very passionate individual always looking to … [Read more...]

Case Study: Affiliate Training with Wolfstorm Media (Part 1)


This is a new multi-post series that I'm putting together on affiliate network training. I have hand selected Wolfstorm Media to work with me on doing this case study, and they have accepted. I wanted to use an affiliate network that is more geared towards the newer affiliate, with really solid training platforms in place and do a case study with them. I feel that it's super important to not only have great offers and great payouts but have the ability to train/educate your affiliates. … [Read more...]

Buying Traffic from Plenty of Fish – Guest Post by Justin Dupre


This is a guest post by Justin Dupre. Scaling out. This is what you do when you've hit your maximum potential on any given traffic source. People get bored of seeing your affiliate ads on one website everyday, which is why looking into alternative places to buy traffic is so important. Scaling out is just another way to get all your eggs out of one basket, or in other words, diversify. So when I was a one advertising platform kind of man, I was making a killing on Facebook. But like I … [Read more...]

The Teleworkers Digest has 100,000 Readers and I’m in it!

Big news today! As you may or may not remember, I recently did an interview with The Teleworkers Digest. Well now, you can download the full edition of TWD for FREE, from this link: http://TELEWORKERSDIGEST.ORG/editions/us/pdf/TheTeleWorkersDigest17orig.pdf Hope you enjoy it. They have some awesome content. My audio interview is linked from the bottom of the edition, on the last page, page 34. CLICK HERE FOR THE LATEST ISSUE (FREE) … [Read more...]

How I created a high quality product without hype or sales tricks


About a year ago today, I made the decision that I was going to teach. I've done whole affiliate marketing, corporate consulting, secret guru training, offline businesses and other internet marketing thing... These businesses would always be there for me. I wanted to broaden my horizons and allow more people to see my unique perspective on various forms of Internet Marketing. It wasn't really about the money... I've already  made my money... (see 1 Million Dollar Binder video if you … [Read more...]

Brian Evans Interviewed on The Teleworkers Digest


Here's a really interesting audio interview I did the other day about List Building with Steve from The Teleworkers Digest. They run a great site over there.  I highly recommend you opt-in to their list and check out all their content after you listen to the interview! http://teleworkersdigest.org/brian-evans-talks-list-building/ … [Read more...]

CPATrend’s Incredible Growth


I was recently turned on to a network called CPATrend. These guys are making some incredible growth in the affiliate marketing industry. They are one of the most rapidly accelerating networks this year in terms of affiliates, quality offers and revenue. Forget about having to sort through thousands of low converting offers to try to find the diamond in the rough. High-paying, high-converting offers is the name of the game with CPATrend. They are entirely quality driven. What I like … [Read more...]

Wednesday Webinar on List Building


This Wednesday I'm going to be doing a free webinar on List Building with Jonathan Volk. There are only 100 seats, so here's what you need to do to get into the webinar: Head over to JonathanVolk.com and sign up for his mailing list. A few hours before the event, he's going to mail out the registration link to that list. It's limited to the first 100 people, so get in there while you can. Speaking of events, if you are in or near Boston, I recommend you check this … [Read more...]

The Art of Interviewing


Interviewing is an art. Plain and simple. I often find myself interviewing all sorts of individuals for subjects in which I am barely knowledgable. It becomes an art to figure out the right questions to ask and how to engage them in conversation aside from whatever they rehearsed in their bedroom the night before. At this point, I can instantly spot someone that is just preaching some pre-determind speech at me to convince me to hire them. This applies to all sorts of things, … [Read more...]

Q&A with Jonathan Volk from FB Ads Guide

Busy day. We just finished a Q&A with Jonathan Volk and it went great! It was an exclusive Q&A for all List Playbook members. We mostly talked about advertising on Facebook and how it relates to list building and affiliate marketing. He gave some really nice tips and information. He re-affirmed everything I've been preaching about list building. Practices that he is now starting to use more and more in his marketing. I highly recommend you guys check out FB Ads Guide and then … [Read more...]