An Affiliate Marketer’s Guide to Advertising on Outbrain


One of the earlier posts in this series offered An Affiliate Marketer’s Guide to Advertising on Taboola, a revolutionary platform enabling you to route traffic to your website from high-end online publications. Today’s post is about advertising on Outbrain, Taboola’s main competitor. Here’s how the technology works. Big publishers such as use Outbrain’s algorithms to recommend other relevant articles to their visitors. Where it gets interesting is that these algorithms can also … [Read more...]

Integrating B2B Marketing and Sales Planning – It Starts with a Lead

Integrating B2B Marketing and Sales Planning

For too long in B2B companies, the marketing and sales organizations are, to paraphrase either Wilde or Shaw, "two nations divided by a common language". One goal – to see its company successful in a market, while at the same time feeling like there are very different ways to achieve the goal. Today, with markets and customers more sophisticated, division is deadly. Here are some ideas on integrating B2B marketing and sales planning. First, let’s acknowledge that both groups do have different … [Read more...]

A Better B2B Marketing Plan in 7 Steps

Better B2B Marketing Plan

Aligning the resources of your team to achieve maximum results is the challenge all marketing leaders face.  After more than two decades facing this task in B2B environments, I thought it would be good to share how I prepare a better B2B Marketing Plan in 7 steps. Step 1:  What am I trying to accomplish?  I try to do this from a top down perspective, starting with a clean sheet of paper and bold dreams for the next year.  History tells me if I start with this year's activities, I will under … [Read more...]

Direct Mail Secret Weapon #1: You are mailing too much – and it’s costing you sales!

“It is a fact that most companies waste between 15%-25% mailing to prospects that will never do business with them!” says senior modeler, John Davis, Lazarus Data Group.  It is this audience that keeps your costs high and response rates lower than they should be. It also prevents you from developing more effective campaigns. Are your scissors cutting response? Too many marketers are under a cost-cutting pressure. They are forced to focus on producing mailings at the lowest possible cost … [Read more...]

How to effectively utilize daily deal sites for local business

I've run numerous "daily deals" for local businesses over the years and I'm starting to notice some interesting trends that I thought would be worth sharing. Some of these observations may be obvious, some may not. Living Social has a surprising number of people that aren't "cheap" and looking for a steal. It seems they've found an interesting medium of deal seekers and people that just like to find something new and exciting to do and they use Living Social as a means to find it. If your … [Read more...]

Mac Users Being Charged More Than PC Users (And How To Hack It)

There's been a lot of news lately about Mac users being charged more than PC users. I think it's a bit of a shame, but it does make sense. If the Mac users have more money, why not charge them more. It's the same thing as charging $6 for a coffee in Beverly Hills instead of the regular $3 everywhere else. They are charging more to the people that have more money. Now, if you want to make a website think you are on a PC there are several really simple ways to do it. A website knows … [Read more...]

We’re Soo Sorry, Here’s a Coupon

I received a letter today from my dogs Veterinarian that stated that due to a recent error in sending out a letter to me with my pets name incorrect, they were deeply sorry and that there was a $10 Coupon attached. Woohoo! But, wait a second. I have to use it within the next 2 months (pet only goes in every 6 months) and they didn't send me a letter with my pets name wrong/incorrect. Hmm. Marketing tactic? Let's investigate. Upon talking to the neighbors with pets, they too received the … [Read more...]

The power of public perception in marketing

Marketing is largely about manipulating public perception to your advantage. How does a president win an election? Largely related to public perception in getting votes. How does a movie studio sell a lot of tickets to a movie? Leveraging public perception to like something about the movie, such as the stars attached to it, the theme/story of movie, etc. How does an affiliate network become the top dog? Leveraging the public perception that they are the best network and the place to … [Read more...]

How to become a Local Consultant

I get asked this question all the time, obviously because I used to (and still am) a local consultant, at least in part. And, personally, I think it's a great move for many people in many different situations. There are of course PROs and CONs, but overall I think the PROs outweigh the cons and for many people this could be the ideal job. With any business that many people are not familiar with, there are many myths that are not true. Myth #1 - Consultants have to be on the phone or in … [Read more...]

How to finance your affiliate campaign


Here are 3 methods of financing your affiliate campaign that I have successfully used (in my earlier days) in affiliate marketing. These are my top 3 recommended ways to get cash to finance your campaigns. It bothers me when affiliates approach me and say that they can't think of any way to get cash to do their affiliate marketing in the paid traffic realm. Pick one of the 3 options below depending on your situation, credit history and contacts and enjoy the benefits :) Amex Plum The … [Read more...]