HeatSync – All That Data, All In One Place

HeatSync – All That Data, All In One Place If you’re anything like me, you probably take Affiliate Marketing seriously enough to use analytics tools to measure the performance of your sites. Furthermore, part of taking it seriously is being thorough. It’s not enough anymore to just check your Klout score or Alexa ranking and call it a day. Naturally, this leads to having a dozen websites you have to play around with every morning in order to get the big-picture kind of insights you need. For … [Read more...]


In college, I worked at the campus radio station. During my junior year, we blew out the FM stereo transponder of the transmitter, causing all of our music programming to come our sounding flat and monotone. Weeks later when the equipment was repaired, we celebrated the return to high quality stereo. Imagine the richness that can come with switching our brains back to stereo. This three post series is a little different than typical Daily Conversions content. Typically, we look at ways to … [Read more...]


People think and respond differently after long periods of screen time. Cognitive learning and behavior are narrowed and reduced when we live in a world that is always on-line. Not better or worse necessarily, just different. And that deserves some thought. Neuroscientists at Stanford have used MRI tests to compare patterns of brain activity when humans skim content leisurely versus when they concentrate hard on literature. Concentrated reading, we are told, excites not only the parts of the … [Read more...]

Huge business tycoons and entrepreneurs using Astrology?

Most of us know Astrology as some weird hoaxy thing that we're not sure if it's "real" or not. Something to do with planets, when we were born and star signs. I recently spent some time learning more about astrology and unearthed some shocking things. At first, honestly, I was a bit skeptical. I didn't think Astrology was even real let alone how it could possibly help me in business and marketing. Not that it's intended to really help in business and marketing but after learning more … [Read more...]

Cool Technology to Never Lose Your Wallet Again

Ever lose your wallet?  A hassle huh?  I had the experience once and it took be hours to cancel credit cards – plus I lost an irreplaceable photo.  So I was intrigued when I read about this new product this morning – WalletTrackR from Phone Halo. The secret is a small electronics card that slides into a credit card slot of your wallet, and then is tracked by your smartphone.  Leave the wallet behind, and your phone plays the song of your choice.  Or press a button on the phone and the wallet … [Read more...]

Daily Conversions launching Agency Division

Here at Daily Conversions we're proud to announce the upcoming launch of our Agency Division, which will be launched some time in the near future. We're going to be offering a number of services including: Media Buying Advertising your product/service Coaching companies/individuals on Internet/Affiliate Marketing (personal Skype coaching) Building offers and products for you, getting you on Affiliate Networks, getting you sales Working with Affiliate Networks in various … [Read more...]

Fake “Instant Download” Claims Lead to Customer Frustration

I'll be the first to tell you that one of the easiest ways you can frustrate customers is promising an "Instant Download" and then making them wait a long time to get that download. I recently ran into the problem when I was helping a friend setup a website, we purchased a Wordpress theme for the site and then the waiting period began. They were using a merchant processor other than PayPal, and they quickly blamed the delay it on the provider in an automated response that I … [Read more...]

Marketing lessons from Mitt and the $10,000 Bet

The big social media takeaway from last weekend’s Republican debate in Iowa was Mitt Romney offering Rick Perry a $10,000 bet on a policy position.  But the moment also provides 3 great lessons for marketers. Context is critically important. One of the first lessons we learn is the importance of context – there is a time and place for every message.  Anyone caught passing a note to the cute girl in the front row in first grade and facing the embarrassment of having the note read aloud by your … [Read more...]

Brand Value – When all things are equal, what makes the difference?

When all things are equal, what makes the difference? Why do you drive the kind of car you drive?  Why did you select a particular type of computer?  Something in your experience, even if it was as simple as reading a recommendation, prompted you to make one choice over another. Apple is one of the all time great brands, built around excellent design and an “it just works” brand promise.  I am always amazed when I walk into one of their retail stores – how many places are you told to … [Read more...]

Private Training with Brian


As a special year end offer, I'm offering Private Training to a few individuals and businesses.  A few times a year, I create time off from my busy work schedule to offer Private Training to say thank you to a select few DC readers that I feel will take advantage of it. This is the same training that I've charged upwards of $25,000 a month for, to get private training and consulting from my team and I. Having a tough time scaling up your affiliate campaign to the next level? I've brought … [Read more...]