Facebook: Corporations Must Pay

Corporations Must Pay

Good news, bad news from Facebook. Corporations will no longer be able to leverage Facebook pages into free corporate promotional ads in your news feed. But that won’t lead to more news and fewer ads in your newsfeed. But going forward, corporations must pay starting in January. The announcement was made late last week, with the goal to make the news feed more “personal, relevant and useful.” The ads have long been placed in the feeds of fans of a company page at no charge to the … [Read more...]

Bricks for Clicks? – Malls Become Data Centers

Malls Become Data Centers

Much has been written about retail moving from the physical space of “bricks” to the virtual space of “clicks”. But now more than just consumers are making the shift. Except this time it’s bricks for clicks, as malls become data centers. Across the country, empty retail and mall space is being repurposed as the home of computer servers – from Sears to Data Centers so to speak. Venyu Solutions LLC is a data center operator taking advantage of this trend. They are deep into remodeling a former … [Read more...]

Is Facebook Really a Photography Company?

Facebook Really a Photography Company

Every day, Facebook processes over 350M photographs, far more than any analog film company ever had to process in the same period of time. In fact, a recent article by Fast Company noted that of the approximately 50 startups worth more than $1B, at least 9 are built around photography. Twitter, WhatsApp, Dropbox, Pinterest, Airbnb, Snapchat, Instagram and Tumblr. So we should ask, is Facebook really a photography company? Of course, photos may be simply the result of mobile devices adding … [Read more...]

Facebook Helps the Red Cross

Facebook Helps the Red Cross

When disaster strikes, the Red Cross is usually fast at hand. As a resident of California, I’ve seen first hand its ability to care for people displaced by earthquakes, wildfires and other disasters. But now, social media is looking to join the team, specifically through a new announcement where Facebook helps the Red Cross. When disaster strikes, the first thing humans do is scramble for safety. Get out of the path of trouble and seek shelter and food. But then starts the scramble of … [Read more...]

Facebook’s Tracking is Raising Concern

Facebook has unleashed a number of new, more powerful tools for digital advertising in the last few weeks. But one that is causing concern from websites and publishers is its increased desire to follow a user across the Internet. As a result, Facebook’s tracking is raising concern about how much information to share. In fact, it appears some sites are now actively holding back information from Zuckerberg’s team. Tracking websites visited by its users has long been a staple of Facebook. This … [Read more...]

Pregnant? Facebook is Not Right for Notification

Pregnant? Facebook is Not Right for Notification

Social media has replaced a number of other forms of communication. For example, some friends of mine used it to announce to the Grandparents and all of their friends simultaneously that their daughter had been born. Now comes a court ruling that asserts – are you pregnant? Facebook is not right for notification. During a custody battle between the biological father and his child’s adoptive parents, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled this week that the baby’s unwed mother did not properly … [Read more...]

Facebook: Great for Ads, Bad for Ads

Facebook: Great for Ads, Bad for Ads

Dickens began A Tale of Two Cities with the immortal line “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” That pretty much sums up some recent research and reporting on Facebook: Great for Ads, Bad for Ads. First the good news. Adults in the US spend an average of 21 minutes per day on Facebook so far in 2014. This average is even more incredible when you realize that only just more than half (52.5%) of Americans even use Facebook. This equates to approximately 6% of total social … [Read more...]

How Does That Ad Get Into My Facebook Feed?

How does that ad end up in my facebook feed

Ever wonder how a specific ad shows up in your Facebook feed? Why of all of the millions of ads in the digital universe, did a person or a computer pick that one? BuzzFeed pulls the curtain back for us today with a great summary. Now you know why you are seeing ads for health food, retirement funds or dating sites. … [Read more...]

Will Your Partners Really Scale Their Web Business?

Will Your Partners Really Scale Their Web Business

The money is clearly moving online. Big advertisers like Facebook and Google are seeing their profits rise. But what about you? Are you getting your fair or unfair share? And will your partners really scale their web business? There was an interesting article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal on the myriad of middlemen who have gone public but are yet to see profitability. Rocket Fuel, YuMe, Rubicon Project and Millennial Media are all mentioned as companies that are seeing revenue grow, … [Read more...]

Is Technology Destroying Brand Loyalty?

Is Technology Destroying Brand Loyalty?

How important are brands to today’s business buyer? Common wisdom is that a trusted brand is critical for winning the heart and wallet of a buyer. But research is starting to raise a concerning question – is technology destroying brand loyalty. Recent research from Strategy+Business seems to indicate that for more and more purchases, especially in a day of instant price comparisons, low price and good user reviews are winning the day more often, both for the consumer and for business. The … [Read more...]