When Should You Send That Email Blast?

When Should You Send That Email Blast?

What day of the week is best to send an email to your target customers? In the early days, the thought was to avoid Monday and Fridays – two days when people are returning to the office and starting to dig themselves out of the work leftover from the previous week, or telling themselves that a project can best be started on Monday after a full weekend of rest. But with mobile devices, the logic has changed. So, when should you send that email blast? eMarketer offers insight in its new report … [Read more...]

Making email Marketing Smarter

Making email Marketing Smarter

As I’ve written about this week, email is both the most effective online marketing tool, and holds concerns about privacy and consumer rights going forward. But help may be on the way. Persado is a company that brings artificial intelligence to the problem. Outlined in Monday’s Wall Street Journal, the company writes advertising emails and landing pages using an AI engine. Using a combination of emotion, product or service characteristics and call to action, the company has seen response … [Read more...]

Concerns Ahead for Email Marketing


Innovation keeps an industry fresh. Yet highlighted in the recent Forester survey on email marketing, the respondents were concerned about the lack of innovation, and the growing consumer email privacy trends evolving.  Are concerns ahead for email marketing? Marketers love email for its ability to retain customers, drive sales, and maintain customer loyalty. But most programs fail to deliver a powerful user-centric experience. Too often it is one way speaking, and that bores people. The … [Read more...]

Is Email Marketing the New 3 Martini Lunch?

Is email the new 3 martini lunch?

Email marketing remains one of the most effective programs for speaking directly to and with your customers. Yet with so many potential uses, one appears to be rising to the top.  Is email marketing the new 3 martini lunch? A recent survey from Forrester sheds some light on the subject. With data captured in the second quarter of 2014, the survey asked what were the top 5 most important goals for the respondent’s firm’s email marketing strategy. The results show: 87%  Retain … [Read more...]

A Better B2B Marketing Plan in 7 Steps

Better B2B Marketing Plan

Aligning the resources of your team to achieve maximum results is the challenge all marketing leaders face.  After more than two decades facing this task in B2B environments, I thought it would be good to share how I prepare a better B2B Marketing Plan in 7 steps. Step 1:  What am I trying to accomplish?  I try to do this from a top down perspective, starting with a clean sheet of paper and bold dreams for the next year.  History tells me if I start with this year's activities, I will under … [Read more...]

B2B Marketers Turn Back to Email

Concerns Ahead for Email Marketing

The last few years have seen many new outlets for marketing emerge – social media, microblogging, the pursuit of likes, reviews and endorsements and many more. But according to a new survey of B2B marketers, its email that remains the most important, and marketers are starting to look for areas of improvement. Email does seem to be making a comeback, with many experts trumpeting the need to grow and maintain email lists. In face, Michael Hyatt claims it is the most important asset for people … [Read more...]

B2B Marketers – We Hate Our Lead Gen Results!

More than 90% of B2B businesses utilizing some form of lead generation process are underwhelmed by the amount of leads their activity generates, according to a recent study conducted by Demand Metric Research Corporation. It doesn’t matter if the process is physical or digital, it falls short of desires. The study was sponsored by Salesfusion, surveyed 200 small and medium-size businesses on the types of marketing they use to generate leads, which marketing is most effective at generating … [Read more...]

Marketers: Big Data, Big Questions

A KPMG survey of senior executives from last summer, the results of which have only recently been released, say that executives know Big Data has value, they just aren’t sure how to use it. The survey, which sampled CFOs and CIOs, found that many were increasing their capacity for to capture and process data, strengthening hardware, software and staffing. 40% reported they had bought into the need for Big Data, expecting to result in move insights that would otherwise be missed, plus improved … [Read more...]

Big Data Bad Data


Living on big data and targeted user demographics can also have its downside.  While well publicized a few months ago, I wanted to take a minute and share some thoughts on big data, bad data. Late in January, it was noted that OfficeMax mailed a promotion that was addressed to “Mike Seay, Daughter killed in a car crash, or Current Business”.  Indeed Mr. Seay had lost his daughter in an accident about a year ago.  The media picked up the story, and OfficeMax had to issue multiple apologies.  … [Read more...]


iStockPhoto SLC Minilypse-Judicial Court

When is a click not a click? When it’s automated botnet traffic that pumps up numbers for sites intent on fooling advertisers. Call them “junk food traffic”, since they have no real value. And increasingly, tens of thousands of sites are appearing on the internet reporting this artificial traffic, causing advertisers to have second thoughts about spending money. The Wall Street Journal recently provided a good summary of the scam, basically an attempt by people to generate millions in revenue … [Read more...]