The Growth and Challenge of Prime Time


Amazon confirmed this week that it now has over 20 million Prime members globally. This comes after it announced late in December the addition of more than one million customers in the third week of December and the signing of “millions of new Prime customers” in Q3 2013. Impressive, but its success also creates a challenge for internet marketers. Financial analysts see Prime growth as improving Amazon’s long-term prospects as it gains greater shipping leverage from new fulfillment centers … [Read more...]


In college, I worked at the campus radio station. During my junior year, we blew out the FM stereo transponder of the transmitter, causing all of our music programming to come our sounding flat and monotone. Weeks later when the equipment was repaired, we celebrated the return to high quality stereo. Imagine the richness that can come with switching our brains back to stereo. This three post series is a little different than typical Daily Conversions content. Typically, we look at ways to … [Read more...]

6 Month Blog Update


Can you believe Daily Conversions has only been around for just a hair over 6 months now? Let me tell you what's gone down over the last 6 months. I promise not too brag too much :) Traffic Details: We've become one of the most trafficed internet marketing blogs, some days upwards of 5,000 unique visitors. With a peak of 55,000 unique visitors in a 3 day period after I posted Always Split Test. We launched a training forum on List Building without any paid traffic. List … [Read more...]