Big Data Bad Data


Living on big data and targeted user demographics can also have its downside.  While well publicized a few months ago, I wanted to take a minute and share some thoughts on big data, bad data. Late in January, it was noted that OfficeMax mailed a promotion that was addressed to “Mike Seay, Daughter killed in a car crash, or Current Business”.  Indeed Mr. Seay had lost his daughter in an accident about a year ago.  The media picked up the story, and OfficeMax had to issue multiple apologies.  … [Read more...]

Direct Mail Secret Weapon #6: Digital Personalization & Multi Channel Integration

Combining digital personalization with multi-channel integration is really about one thing: Improving response across all of your marketing channels. What is the integrated, multi-channel approach? When one marketing channel supports another marketing channel, it can drive additional response you wouldn’t otherwise generate.  One example is including QR codes, PURLS, location maps, and a return envelope in your mailing so the recipient can immediately respond to your offer from their … [Read more...]

Direct Mail Secret Weapon #5: Testing – your biggest secret weapon!

As I shared in an earlier article, most marketers are mailing too much. That means there are too many prospects in the database that will never do business with you. Using both data and behavioral modeling can expose these prospects so you can eliminate them. Ideally, you can replace them with qualified prospects so you end up with an overall higher response rate at the same budget. However, you need additional budget to run tests alongside your control mailing (The “control” is your current, … [Read more...]

Direct Mail Secret Weapon #4: Invest wisely in your MVP markets

Did you know that the Trillion Dollar MVP Markets are up for grabs? MVP means Most Valuable and Most Profitable. It is very likely that you have them in your customer base and they are generating the most profit. Yet many companies really don’t know which of their customers are in this category and how to best serve them. After all, your best customers are worth investing in since they affect your company’s cash flows and long term growth! Many companies do not go far enough to protect … [Read more...]

Direct Mail Secret Weapon #3: The Process of Identify, Segment, Relevance & Connecting

In a business, the process of continual improvement means that all the business units and functions work together to meet the goals of the company, which is to create a profitable and long-term customer. Here are four interconnected functions that can affect marketing’s efforts: Identify which customers are most profitable, spend the most dollars, and stay with you the longest. Can you find out who is profitable, by how much, and even why? Then, segment each one into specific groups for … [Read more...]

Direct Mail Secret Weapon #2: The Collaborative Process of Continual Improvement

Continually improving response is going to require more than the right strategy, it’s going to require a new kind of leadership, collaborative team leadership! Leadership is ALL about vision and working with a team to implement the vision. The vision should be developing a Process of Continual Improvement, through the Culture of Collaboration. Dr. W. Edwards Deming said that, “Improvement is a process not a pill.” Collaborators create the environment for this process where continual … [Read more...]

Direct Mail Secret Weapon #1: You are mailing too much – and it’s costing you sales!

“It is a fact that most companies waste between 15%-25% mailing to prospects that will never do business with them!” says senior modeler, John Davis, Lazarus Data Group.  It is this audience that keeps your costs high and response rates lower than they should be. It also prevents you from developing more effective campaigns. Are your scissors cutting response? Too many marketers are under a cost-cutting pressure. They are forced to focus on producing mailings at the lowest possible cost … [Read more...]

How to make Direct Mail the secret weapon in your arsenal of digital marketing strategies!

On June 13, Direct Marketing News will be sponsoring the 2013 Marketing & Tech Partnership Summit. This unique event is designed to help marketers build stronger alliances with their IT, digital, and mobile colleagues. This valuable summit urges that, “it's essential that marketers collaborate with their colleagues in technology roles … to ensure consistently superior marketing performance based on delivering timely communications and offers at every customer touchpoint.” So what value … [Read more...]

Sharpen Your Marketing Weapons

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Next week is the Integrated Marketing Week (#IMW13) conference in New York. The focus of the conference is the integration of technology in direct marketing - a worthwhile discussion, as well as a chance to catch up with the latest ideas from diverse marketers such as Macys, Google and Here at Daily Conversions, we are recognizing the conference with an insightful new series on digital marketing secret weapons, written by Mark Alarik of SalesOverlays.  Mark is an expert in direct … [Read more...]


How much content do you read each day? No – really read? Far too often readers skim material quickly and make a decision to invest more time, or to click or flip to the next thing. We stuff our lives so full that unless a tweet grabs us in the first 40 characters, we’re on to the next one. It’s not about time, it’s about no time. We’re in the midst of a series of 15 critical marketing tips for Internet and direct marketers. And #14 is Simplify the reader’s job by highlighting key ideas and … [Read more...]