Video Connects with B2B Executives

Video Connects with B2B Executives

How does your company get to the person in the corner cubicle? That seems to be the magic question for a lot of B2B marketing people, as the order comes from on high to deliver the message and gain leads a bit higher up the management food chain. Well, new research shows that video connects with B2B Executives. A recently released a survey of various B2B marketing techniques and how effective they were deemed by their users. And the results are very interesting. The top 3 used tactics for … [Read more...]

Will Advertising Ultimately Drive Net Neutrality?

Will Advertising Ultimately Drive Net Neutrality

The FCC is actively considering new regulations to oversee the Internet and ensure access to services remain “fair and competitive” to consumers. So far, the discussion has centered on access to content, but what if the real battleground is ads. Will advertising ultimately drive net neutrality? Many internet companies, including Google, Facebook and most mobile apps provide services and generate revenue from advertising inserted in the content delivered to the user device. But what is the … [Read more...]

TV Ad Revenue Down Again, Dollars Flow Online

Dollars Flow Online

Reporting on obvious trends sometimes seems too easy. As we have been reporting for some time, more and more advertising dollars flow online from TV. The latest news out last week is the trend continues. Ad buyers and media analysts are both reporting that there was no upturn in TV ad spending in Q3 2014, even in light of the new television season and political advertising. Specific weakness was cited in the entertainment and automotive sectors. Standard Media Index, who collects data on … [Read more...]

Invisible Video Ads Are Threatening Affiliate Businesses

Invisible Video Ads

As affiliate marketers, most of you are paid upon the viewing and future action of a user. They see your content, see, hover or click on an ad, and ultimately that event is monetized to you via cash. The affiliate market has been under attack by various ad networks and advertisers over the past few years, but now a new problem has arisen from our ranks. Invisible video ads are threatening affiliate businesses. Wenda Harris Millard, COO of advertising consultancy Medialink, estimates that up … [Read more...]

New Media Tools for Gauging Magazine Online Readership

Tools for Gauging Magazine Online Readership

Print publications face a significant question about their readership. As newsstand and subscription numbers drop, some of those eyeballs are transferred to online versions. But exactly how many? And are those readers as attentive to ads as offline viewers. To help answer these questions, during Advertising Week’s annunal conference late last month, new media tools were launched for gauging magazine online readership. Driven by the Association for Magazine Media (AMM), the industry’s leading … [Read more...]

Quizzes – Golden Prospectors for Your Data

Quizzes – Golden Prospectors for Your Data

How many quizzes do you find yourself taking each day? Or is that itself the start of a quiz question? If you think quizzes are popping up more often, you’re absolutely correct. And the explosion is drive by their effectiveness. It turns out quizzes are the golden prospectors for your data. It is surprising what people will offer to figure out what kind of state, fruit or Star Wars character they are. Today, a quiz is one of the most effective ways to gather detailed data on a user, creating … [Read more...]

How Much is Your Online Data Worth on a Balance Sheet?

How Much is Your Online Data Worth

Knowing about you is valuable to advertisers. But how valuable? Companies that sell online data have no standards or guidelines to use in setting pricing, so fees vary widely based on the specific pieces of information that clients are looking to use. So, how much is your online data worth on a balance sheet? The question of how a company should value your data (and that of your closest 20 million or so friends) on their financial statements is now front and center. The Wall Street Journal … [Read more...]

Facebook: Great for Ads, Bad for Ads

Facebook: Great for Ads, Bad for Ads

Dickens began A Tale of Two Cities with the immortal line “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” That pretty much sums up some recent research and reporting on Facebook: Great for Ads, Bad for Ads. First the good news. Adults in the US spend an average of 21 minutes per day on Facebook so far in 2014. This average is even more incredible when you realize that only just more than half (52.5%) of Americans even use Facebook. This equates to approximately 6% of total social … [Read more...]

How to Sell a Brand: Two of the Most Uncommon Ways to Sell

How to Sell a Brand

Branding is more competitive than ever; here are a few creative ways that branding agencies are exercising their craft in emerging markets. These days, branding agencies are “niching down” to reach audiences porously spread out throughout the world, and online. Through social outreach, branding is also getting much more direct –and affordable. Large, specialized markets are much easier to approach, as the places in which individuals create their tribes and engage with one another are … [Read more...]

Time for Transparent Online Ad Buying

Transparent Online Ad Buying

The Wall Street Journal reports that many marketers are questioning whether or not they are getting their monies worth by buying ad space through agency-owned programmatic operations.  We believe it is time for Transparent Online Ad Buying. Many agencies over the last 5 years have built groups to control the placement of their client’s digital advertising. As a greater percentage of ad spend has shifted online, these groups appear to be placing ads OK, but no one is sure about their decision … [Read more...]