Video Connects with B2B Executives

Video Connects with B2B Executives

How does your company get to the person in the corner cubicle? That seems to be the magic question for a lot of B2B marketing people, as the order comes from on high to deliver the message and gain leads a bit higher up the management food chain. Well, new research shows that video connects with B2B Executives. A recently released a survey of various B2B marketing techniques and how effective they were deemed by their users. And the results are very interesting. The top 3 used tactics for … [Read more...]

How Much is Your Online Data Worth on a Balance Sheet?

How Much is Your Online Data Worth

Knowing about you is valuable to advertisers. But how valuable? Companies that sell online data have no standards or guidelines to use in setting pricing, so fees vary widely based on the specific pieces of information that clients are looking to use. So, how much is your online data worth on a balance sheet? The question of how a company should value your data (and that of your closest 20 million or so friends) on their financial statements is now front and center. The Wall Street Journal … [Read more...]

How to Sell a Brand: Two of the Most Uncommon Ways to Sell

How to Sell a Brand

Branding is more competitive than ever; here are a few creative ways that branding agencies are exercising their craft in emerging markets. These days, branding agencies are “niching down” to reach audiences porously spread out throughout the world, and online. Through social outreach, branding is also getting much more direct –and affordable. Large, specialized markets are much easier to approach, as the places in which individuals create their tribes and engage with one another are … [Read more...]

Millennials are Changing Advertising – Are You Listening?

Millennials are Changing Advertising

Great piece on Millennials and their impact on advertising in Wired’s website. In the piece, writer Darren Ross, EVP of Digital Insights at Fluent observes that some of the traditional aspects of advertising that have been around since the days of Don Draper are now gone. Yes, Millennials are changing advertising for the better. His key point – Millennials are more wily and connected than previous generations. Add that to the general air of skepticism that the generation carries, and you have … [Read more...]

Web Comparison Tools Erode Brand Loyalty

Web Comparison Tools Erode Brand Loyalty

Yesterday we asked the question - is technology destroying brand loyalty, looking at a recent Strategy+Business study.  The research is pointing to people doing much more comparison shopping with web tools in order to make decisions on more absolute information. The study cites statistics that show people already use—and trust—these recommendation tools. They point to these three facts: • In 2012, 70 percent of consumers surveyed by Nielsen indicated that they trusted online reviews—which … [Read more...]

Is Technology Destroying Brand Loyalty?

Is Technology Destroying Brand Loyalty?

How important are brands to today’s business buyer? Common wisdom is that a trusted brand is critical for winning the heart and wallet of a buyer. But research is starting to raise a concerning question – is technology destroying brand loyalty. Recent research from Strategy+Business seems to indicate that for more and more purchases, especially in a day of instant price comparisons, low price and good user reviews are winning the day more often, both for the consumer and for business. The … [Read more...]

Creativity and Brand in Travel Advertising


As marketers, we are always searching for ways to strength our brands and improve their recognition among our target audiences.  This weekend, I came across an interesting analysis and examples of creativity and its impact on brand messages in the travel industry.  Skift looked at 5 different ads that creatively position a travel company’s brand in a way that either builds upon the core message or falls flat.  For example, Skyscanner is running an ad called “Born Honest” that attempts to … [Read more...]

Starbucks Schultz Focuses on the 4th Space


Not too many years ago, Starbuck’s had the goal of becoming a person’s third space, that is, where we belonged and spent time beyond our first two spaces, family and work.  Now as a part of an executive shuffle, CEO Howard Schultz is turning his attention to the digital world. Could 4th space enticements be far off? In the reorganization, Schultz handed off daily operational responsibility to focus on product development and “next generation retailing and payments initiatives.”  The work, … [Read more...]

Go Native. Or is it Promoted? Or Featured Partner?


Native ads, those mixed with user content and yet designed to have a similar look and feel of user content are the latest invention of web advertisers.  They are generating successful results, but research is showing their value may be short lived.   First, native ads are paid messages that blend into the page or newsfeed of user or provider content on the pages of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Buzzfeed, among others.  They have been effective to date because they are in the direct … [Read more...]



After years of protest, Google has finally agreed to let Nielsen Holdings place measurement tags on ads running with YouTube video. The decision, driven by the demands of media buyers, will allow marketers to monitor the performance of their ads. The roll out is expected to be complete by early next year. The Nielsen service, called Online Campaign Ratings, also provides demographic data about who views the ad, information it partially gets from its partnership with Facebook. While it isn’t … [Read more...]