An Affiliate Marketer’s Guide To Advertising on PlentyOfFish Ads


If you’re trying to make money through affiliate marketing, but aren’t using PlentyOfFish’s advertising platform, you’re missing an excellent opportunity. PlentyOfFish (POF) is the world’s leading dating website, with over 76 million registered users. The POF self-serve advertising system is extremely popular with affiliate marketers, and arguably provides a higher ROI than other common platforms, such as Facebook and Google.     Why Should All Affiliate Marketers Be … [Read more...]

Affiliate Marketers: 7 Top Tips For Promoting Mobile Offers


    According to Cisco, global mobile internet usage grew by 70% last year. This growth is certainly set to continue with the advent of 4G, and as data allowances fall in price. This of course, provides affiliate marketers with an excellent opportunity to buy high-quality traffic from ad networks that can offer vast inventory capacity with relatively low buyer demand. Although there is an immense opportunity for affiliate marketers to thrive in the mobile space, caution … [Read more...]

Invisible Video Ads Are Threatening Affiliate Businesses

Invisible Video Ads

As affiliate marketers, most of you are paid upon the viewing and future action of a user. They see your content, see, hover or click on an ad, and ultimately that event is monetized to you via cash. The affiliate market has been under attack by various ad networks and advertisers over the past few years, but now a new problem has arisen from our ranks. Invisible video ads are threatening affiliate businesses. Wenda Harris Millard, COO of advertising consultancy Medialink, estimates that up … [Read more...]

Facebook’s Tracking is Raising Concern

Facebook has unleashed a number of new, more powerful tools for digital advertising in the last few weeks. But one that is causing concern from websites and publishers is its increased desire to follow a user across the Internet. As a result, Facebook’s tracking is raising concern about how much information to share. In fact, it appears some sites are now actively holding back information from Zuckerberg’s team. Tracking websites visited by its users has long been a staple of Facebook. This … [Read more...]

Find Venture Capital – Part 2 – Bootstrap Method

Part 2 of the Finding Venture Capital series is in fact about not finding venture capital, and instead about the bootsrap method. Sometimes entrepreneurs think that they need a whole lot more money than they actually need. They think that having 7 digits in the bank is going to somehow make their company more successful. While cash can certainly help, it isn't everything. The other issue is that when you take a large amount of cash like 7 figures+ you are typically going to be giving away … [Read more...]

Social Media Prenups – Are You Protected?

Social media prenup

What would it cost you if your spouse revealed too much on social media?  And what impact would it have on your career?  While at first you might laugh this off, in the 21st century it has become an important reality. According to a new report by ABC News, an increasing number of couples are including social media clauses in their prenuptial agreements.  In the report, New York-based attorney Ann-Margaret Carrozza, for someone making less than $5 million in New York City, it would cost the … [Read more...]

Bad Ads Still a Big Issue


Suspicious impressions remain a huge issue for the adoption of online advertising.  In fact, a recent survey by Solve Media found that over six in every 10 impressions served online in the US in Q4 2013 were done so to suspicious, nonhuman agents. This number was up from 44% in Q1 2013—and more than twice as high as mobile-served ads (25%). On one hand, online advertising remains a huge growth engine so why worry?  Most of us though realize that rather than be Alfred B. Neuman, we should be … [Read more...]

Finding A Top Mobile Offer To Promote


There are not a lot of sure things in life, but there are some things that will probably happen. In mobile affiliate marketing, it's as close to a sure thing as there is that anti-virus and battery saver apps will always be popular. The question is, how do you find the best one? Well, that's actually way simpler than you might think. Take a big mobile affiliate network, like, for example. You can rest assured that when you sign up and ask a top Affiliate Manager for a high … [Read more...]

Apple: A Digital Advertising Superstar that Refuses to Play Along


Apple is a brand one either loves or hates.  And so far, the folks on Madison Avenue have mostly hated their iAd digital advertising network, mostly because the company refuses to share consumer data with its advertising partners, or at least so says a new report from Ad Age’s Kate Kaye.  The result, Tim Cook and Company are not in the same league as Facebook and Google. It is reported that Apple knows a lot about its customers, including names, addresses, apps and music they have purchased … [Read more...]

Hackers Find a New Path into Your Site: The Ad Network


Turns out, there are well understood yet rarely discussed security holes in many of the ad networks we implement on our sites.  This issue jumped into better view late last month when Yahoo was discovered to have displayed an ad with malicious content on its European sites.  This is part of a growing trend that has snarled blogs, newspapers and streaming video sites. Many are aware of the old “Your anti-virus software is out-of-date” warning that causes far too many people to click and … [Read more...]