The great mystery of brand loyalty

There’s a strange phenomenon out there that makes people extremely loyal to certain brands. Apple is a good example, and being an loyal Apple customer I’m going to try to demystify this crazy brand loyalty phenomenon.

I personally would buy almost any product that Apple has, just because it’s Apple and I know they make products that I like. Though, I know a lot of people wouldn’t.

This means that in 2012 I will most likely buy an iPad 3, iPhone 5 and maybe even an Apple TV. It’s almost a certainty that I’ll be buying the two former items, less likely on the Apple TV, but I might.

Why am I so loyal to Apple? Why do I keep buying their products? Good question.

In my opinion, Apple in particular has something that a lot of other companies don’t have. You don’t see them polling customers on what the should innovate next, they just do it. They are the visionaries, not me. Sure, I can help them think of some better features for an existing product to make it faster or smarter but I don’t think I’m going to have the vision to create something revolutionary for them. And, they’ve revolutionized gadgets and phones many many times over.

Paying a premium for a brand that you love?

Part of the phenomenon with Apple in my view is that people are attracted to them and extremely loyal because of the premium quality that they instill based on price (and quality.) I think there’s a perception that since they are the most expensive, in the tablet world for example, that they must be the best. This isn’t exactly true in the phone world, but their prices are up there for those as well. I think it adds to their brand and makes it strong, rather than selling them for Kindle Fire kind of prices. Though, I hear that the introduction of the iPad 3 may push down the prices on the iPad 2. Either way it’s making people loyal. Also the fact that they are constantly innovating and improving their devices.

The really interesting thing about brand loyalty to me is that not many other companies other than Apple have made me this loyal. I mean, I have an Apple laptop, Apple desktop, Apple phone, used to have an iPod and I’m likely going to be buying an Apple tablet this year.

For example, I’ve loved all the cars I’ve had but I have yet to have two cars of the same manufacturer in a row. My first car was a Mitsubishi, followed by a Subaru, followed by a BMW and Mercedes, and now an Infiniti. I wasn’t brand loyal on my cars, even though I loved all of them.

My conclusion here is that even though I loved those vehicles, I wasn’t addicted to them like I am with Apple. They were missing the addiction factor. I mean, Apple has literally changed my way of life and I’ll never go back. All of my content is sync’d to my other devices, making my life much easier. I NEVER have computer problems, or computer crashes like I used to. Everything is “easier” to use and simpler. And, I used to HATE Windows operating systems because of these and other problems. I would be frustrated and miserable all the time when using an Windows OS, and I would just be waiting for the next time it was going to crash because of the extremes I push  my machines to. I mean to the point of throwing monitors out windows because I was so frustrated with Windows OS.

Are you extremely brand loyal to anything? A certain affiliate network? Google PPC? Facebook Ads?


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  1. Brand loyalty is such a strong force. I only really noticed how powerful it can be, because I am a hug fan of Apple. I can’t explain why, but I love everything about them, from their advertising to their products even to their store uniform. There actually isn’t an Apple product I don’t have. I would have to say for me Apple is the best example for Brand Loyalty.

  2. The part of the reason why you are loyal to the gadget guru Apple and not to the carmakers is the fact that you buy a gadget every 6 months or 1 year as opposed to buying a car. You only buy a car every 4 or so years (even more maybe). When you have used a product for that long, you tend to think, “Hmmm, Maybe I should try out something new”..

    I am just trying to think through your (the customer’s) shoes..

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