6 Mistakes That Most Companies And Marketers Do, Over And Over Again, part 1


Sometimes when I consult with clients, I talk to their marketing and sales executives, and in many cases it always amazes me how incompetent people are when it comes to marketing, especially online marketing. Here are 3 (the other three will follow in my next post) of the most common mistakes marketers do, over and over again (sigh). 1.      Not knowing your demographic. I could write a book about all the clients I’ve consulted who’ve just put up a website, put a ton of cash into Adwords, or … [Read more...]

$20,000 in one month…when just starting out.

Stack of Money

Does that sound impossible? Not at all, it’s very doable. I was going through some old papers and spreadsheets, when I found a session I did with a guy named Michael that I coached a couple of years ago. He was straight out of college, and needed to make some money, so he paid me to coach him on how to get started. I gotta give it to him, the guy was smart and a fast learner, and most important of all, he was a social person. He knew to dress up for business meetings, and he knew how to talk … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget The Other Traffic Sources


“We tried Google, we failed with Bing, Facebook didn’t give us anything, and neither did Twitter or PPV. Online marketing doesn’t work.” That’s what a new client of mine said about 20 minutes before I landed a consulting gig with them. When you do marketing, and yes, I’m going to give you the most boring cliché ever, but YOU HAVE TO “think outside of the box.” Be creative, do something others aren’t doing. So I asked them, “Did you try any other paid traffic sources?” And the answer was: … [Read more...]

You Talk The Talk, But Do You Walk The Walk?


So this other day I was helping a friend of mine with setting up a couple of business meetings at different locations, so that he could start expanding his business into other areas. This very day, I noticed something that I actually notice very often, especially here in L.A., or on the US West Coast in general, which is that a lot of people talk the talk, but they just don't walk the walk. Now what the heck do I mean? Well, every time I go to an actual physical meeting (which you should do … [Read more...]

Time Management And Interruptions – An Affiliate Marketers Worst Enemies


It's always amazing how, when I do seminars, webinars or consulting, people want to know the "big secrets" to success, but when we get down to details, it's always themselves who are the problem. It's about mindset and about time management. It's really not that hard to set up a lead capture page, or whatever you want to start with, and get some traffic going. What's hard is to get it done. Most people have excuses and they totally suck at time management. This is the biggest obstacle on your … [Read more...]

Email Marketing Statistics – Are You On Top Of Your Game?


Email marketing is still one of the most important marketing platforms for any company or business, or at least it should be. Think about it, most people with access to computers have at least one email address, and they also check it quite often. Nowadays, tons of people even use their cell phones to send and receive emails. What an amazing world. This post is not the old regular "don't you know that the money is in the list?" or "you need to have a list, because otherwise you're missing out … [Read more...]

Why We Can’t Be Straight When Selling

We all know that honesty is the best policy. Just say whatever you have to say, and be honest and open about it. I’m sure your listener/reader will respect your honesty and at some point have a rational answer to whatever you’re proposing. Let’s look at some prime examples where this works perfectly: You’re on a first date, and of course you tell the other person exactly what you want out of the relationship, and everything you’ll expect from that person. Make sure to mention things like … [Read more...]

From Rags To Riches – The Truth Behind The Guru Claims


First of all, I just hate the word “guru”. I’d get upset if someone would call me a guru, and I’d shoot myself if I ever got caught calling myself a guru. Anyways, I have a spam email address that I use to spy on mailing lists and other marketers, just to see what kind of techniques that they are using, and for what’s going on in the verticals I’m involved in. If you don’t have one, you should get one right now. Every day, I get these “Guru”-launch notifications, and 99% of them are just … [Read more...]

Tap Into The Spanish Market And Increase Your Income


Hey guys, today I want to talk about entering the same market you’re already in, but in a new language. It’s amazing how many people limit themselves to the English speaking markets, and by doing that, you’re missing out on tons of money and opportunities. Did you know that the online market for the latin American population just in USA is a billion dollar market? And exactly how many dollars are you making from that market? Yeah, I bet 99% of you  answered “zero” to that question. Well, why … [Read more...]

6 Tips On How To Increase Your Lead Capture Page Conversions


Here are some basic tips for all you new people, or for those looking to increase the conversion rate on their lead capture pages. This is not really anything new and revolutionary if you’ve been in the game for a while, but I always get questions on how people can increase their conversion rate, so here are some FREE tips for you! Oh, and these are of course general tips that may or may not apply to specific campaigns… 1. The headline is the most important thing on the page. If that doesn’t … [Read more...]