LinkedIn Moving Into News – What’s Next?

LinkedIn Moving Into News This site is a big fan of LinkedIn and its services for B2B marketing and sales people. The days of it being a resume service for job hunters is way, way past. Any serious businessperson now has a LinkedIn profile tuned to her or his area of business expertise, and expects to be investigated before any serious business meeting. So now is LinkedIn moving into news?

A couple of weeks ago, LinkedIn purchased Newsle that has incredible natural language and machine learning technology to identify when people are mentioned in news stories or content, then forward those links to a person’s social network connections.

Think of it as Google Alerts targeted to journalistic mentions.

The power of such a tool is incredible. No longer will people have to provide data for updates to their connections, or post on the site’s growing list of business blogs. Now LinkedIn subscribers can share their visibility automatically without having to do anything.

Exactly what they want to do with the service is still ambiguous. Is it simply to post the articles in the user’s newsfeed, or more? Does it have desires to start producing a business-oriented version of Buzzfeed? Does it want to take Wall Street Journal reporting to the next, social level?

Time will tell. But for now, keep an eye on LinkedIn. They have proven they know how to build a successful B2B social media site, and likely have many additional powerful and successful tricks up their sleeves.

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