How to finance your affiliate campaign

Here are 3 methods of financing your affiliate campaign that I have successfully used (in my earlier days) in affiliate marketing. These are my top 3 recommended ways to get cash to finance your campaigns.

It bothers me when affiliates approach me and say that they can’t think of any way to get cash to do their affiliate marketing in the paid traffic realm. Pick one of the 3 options below depending on your situation, credit history and contacts and enjoy the benefits :)

Amex Plum

The benefit for Affiliate Marketers is that you can Defer up to 90% of your balance for 30 days.

Here’s a scenario. You charge $5,000 up on your Amex Plum, and considering it’s in their “Open” line you can usually charge $5k, $10k without much of a problem. There’s technically no limit. Now, you’ve charged $5k for a media buy or something like that and now you only owe 10% after your billing cycle is up if you choose to defer it  (up to 30 days depending on when you charge it) then in additional if you pay that 10% you have another 30 days until your next billing cycle to pay the remainder. There is no interest at all on this. Basically free money for an extra 45-60 days, interest free.

Strategic Investors

I’ve been known for doing this from time to time. I’ll approach an investor and give them a nice cut in exchange for funding. I’ll usually only do this if I know it’s going to cost more money than I have in my piggy bank at the moment or if I’m already tapped out on my Amex Plum for the month. $5k, $10k for an investor is nothing in exchange for the potentially (very) rewarding returns that affiliate marketing can bring.

Don’t know any investors and don’t have any contacts? Start talking to people about what you are doing. Chances are if you are doing something profitable enough someone will just stand up and make you an offer you can’t refuse. I’ve had people make me offers without really even hinting that I was looking for funding. It’s all about transparency and just talking to people to setup these kind of strategic investor / partnerships.

Small Business Loan

I’ve taken these out before. If you have a little history of spending X and making X+Y then you can easily get one. You just tell them that you need additional capital to scale up your business and show them proof that the advertising is working. Simple as that they will give you a loan with that kind of proof and history. Walk in to any bank on your corner and you can easily get $10k, $20k or more. The interest will be dependent on your credit though, so you need good credit to not get hammered on fees. If you already have good credit sometimes you can get a pretty low rate and then make extra payments each month (or pay it off in full when your big checks roll in).

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  1. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Amex Plum – I need to check into that.

  2. Very interesting as always. . .though I must say, a certain point sounds like the sort of the thing I’m doing 😉 By the way, do you believe that the amount you make really depends on how much you have to invest, to some extent it’s true but it isn’t always the case.
    I’ve studied a lot and read how some marketers think most of the cheap investments that make a lot of money are hard to come by but the world is changing so rapidly there’s always new investments just waiting to be found.

    Good luck with your local developments.

    • I don’t think it’s entirely about having capital, but it is important. Almost anyone can get one of the 3 things I mentioned.

  3. Make your Amex plum card pic an aff link so I can apply for one and give you the credit lol 😀

    • Haha, just go for it man. I’m making an effort to keep my posts as affiliate link free as possible to make sure I’m delivering the highest quality stuff rather than to make a buck.

  4. I think the most interesting thing is that “to get financed with a bank loan, all people have to do is prove that they don’t need the money.” The only reason why banks and credit lenders are so interested in your credit history, or rather, deposit and withdrawal history even before you had a ‘credit card’ is because they want to evaluate the risk in their investment. They really just want their money back.

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