Do you show personal interest in your prospects?

Friday is finally here and it’s time to unwind a bit. Or, is it time to work harder for the weekend? Either way, this is something that I thought was really important to talk about today.

Showing personal interest is often one of the most forgotten aspects of marketing and sales.

Whether you’re an affiliate, an affiliate network, entrepreneur, or something else this is very important for you. It’s going to make you significant money this year if you actively employ this approach.

Let’s start with a little example of why I’m writing this.

Rewind a few weeks to Affiliate Summit West 2012. I’m walking the conference floor and I get pitched to by numerous affiliate networks, companies, agencies, etc. They have some really nice pitches, and they are relatively interesting. But, nothing jumped out at me and made me say to myself “I need to take action on this right away”. Do you know why? None of these companies were showing personal interest in me and my situation.

It was pretty bad to the point of most companies didn’t even bother asking me what I did, which is something they should have done with the ambiguously named description on my badge. And, even if I did have an obvious label like “Affiliate” that could have been to throw people off or because it’s just 1 of the things that I do.

Showing genuine interest in what someone does, who they are, what their goals are would be sales 101. However, it’s something that’s not taught that much these days because everyone is concerned with their OWN pitch. It’s kind of like talking to a wall, because if you don’t show any interest you’re not going to make the other person feel connected and want to work with you. In fact, you can have the world’s greatest “pitch” and if you’re pitch doesn’t personally engage them and show interest, your not going to succeed. You will not succeed if you say the exact same thing to every person and don’t know how to adjust based on their personality, their business, their goals, their mindset, their demeanor and a whole lot of other things.

We’re thinking about putting a mentor program together for a couple hand select affiliate networks, individuals and companies that really want to take advantage of the conference marketing and other tactics we’ve been talking about lately. If you want to apply you could email me at and tell me about you or your company and I’ll let you know if I see a good fit to helping you grow your business with tactics that your competition aren’t using.

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