How Confident are You in Measuring Mobile Ad RoI?

Measuring Mobile Ad RoIAs data about 2014 budgets start to appear, it is clear nearly all marketers increased their spending on mobile ads. Forrester Research claimed in a June study that the number of organizations with increased spending on mobile was 93% worldwide. Personally, I double a number that quite that large, but the trend is clear. To quote The Who, we’re all “Going mobile”. But how confident are you in measuring mobile ad RoI? Can you defend the greater investment with more than “it feels like a no brainer?”

The ugly reality is most of marketers lack confidence that they can. In a recent survey by Acxiom and 4INFO, only 18% of marketers were very confident of their ability to measure RoI for mobile ads. This contrasts with 62% who are “somewhat confident”, and 15% who are neither confident or not confident.

And do you really want to stand in front of your boss’s boss and say your are “somewhat confident”? Me neither.

Some might read the combined 80% in the confident or somewhat category as a positive, but personally, I read it as a directional beacon, where we all know we need better tools and analytics, but we are still mostly waiting. Ultimately measuring return will require tracking the user to and through other channels after they see the mobile ad – and that is still too difficult in most cases. This area has a lot of room for improvement, since justt 8% of digital marketers were able to connect mobile ad viewers across online and offline channels with no limitations.

Keep an eye open for new technology opportunities. Marrying the mobile ad to the purchase will likely become bi business.

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