Business vs Residential Internet

A lot of guys that I work with have home offices that they work at either during the day or at night.

It drives me crazy when people tell me they have regular residual speed (and reliability) internet service.

The business level internet is generally a lot faster and more reliable. Even in the case of Verizon FIOS which is what I use here in Boston, the business level is much faster and more reliable. You’re spending more to get that extra support, reliability and faster service.

The price difference is not at all that much. If you’re internet is acting slow for an entire day because your on the turtle plan, you’re going to have a hard time getting a lot of stuff done. And it’s also frustrating.

I seriously think that people need to start shelling out the extra $50-100 to get the max level business internet service. I download most things at 5mbps or higher, ALL THE TIME.

I’ve also noticed with certain providers that just by switching to business, something magical happens behind the scenes that puts you into some sort of secret priority lane. And when stuff happens you’re usually the least affected.

Max out your internet service! The extra $50 will pay you back many times over when you have to take 4 hour breaks from the computer to wait for service to turn back on or speed to pick up!

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  1. I would definitely agree, but I have not had any problems with the higher-end residential Internet. *knocks on wood*

    I’m all for making great investments, but if the speed and reliability is enough, I don’t see a point to upgrade it.

    • There is some high end residential that is fast. Some will tell you that the business are last affected when shit hits the fan.

  2. I’ve been really lucky as of late. Our Residential internet provider is AT&T Uverse, which I expected to be so-so, is actually really good. No downtime in 3 years and very fast compared to Road Runner, Comcast, etc. I’ve had a lot of crappy services in the past, but I’ve been lucky with Uverse…knock on wood (as PA stated lol).

  3. Currently I have 4 internet connections. 3 residential and a business one. The cheapest one ( $12 ) has a 100% uptime and I download with 25-30MB/s, while the other 2 residential connections don’t have that high uptime and I download with 1-2MB/s. But the business connection has an awful uptime, I can download with a few hundreds KB/s and I really hate it.

    The strange thing is that the cheapest residential connection and the business one are in the same town, from the same provider :)

  4. I have FIOS home (upgraded) package and I get 25Mbps down 15Mbps up which I think its pretty slick. That with my cable is like $100 a month.

    One SHITTY problem is that they blocked port 25 (SMTP) on home users…without telling us mind you. So I had to go change all my email server’s default smtp ports to be able to send via Outlook. That was lame as hell.

  5. Amazing. I was just having a conversation with my brother about this very same thing maybe 15 minutes ago and then I open up Google Reader and see this post.

    I once worked for Comcast Internet Tech Support and I can’t count the number of times I’d hear someone practically crying on the phone that they need a technician right away because they “work from home” or have a “home-based business” and whatever Internet issue they were having at the moment was going to end up costing them tons of money. Well I’m so sorry about that but if all you have is basic residential service, your Internet use is considered to be “for entertainment purposes” as far as Comcast is concerned so did you want to schedule that tech call for next Thursday or the Thursday after next?

    That’s one lesson I learned from that shitty job – it’s worth it to pay the extra money for a Business account mainly because there’s going to be a much higher priority placed on any technical issues you have. I’m talking about a difference between having a tech come out the same day or having to wait a week or more. It’s like insurance in a way.

  6. I don’t think that my blogging would be that much better with business cable internet but i guess if you are going to compete you need the best

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