Bullitt: Hollywood Veterans Turn to Long Form Commercials

Bullitt: Hollywood Veterans turn to adsNative ads are proving themselves to be the most engaging advertising format online, with the entertainment industry getting the best results due to high quality content. Now a couple of Hollywood veterans are turning their attention to helping other industries create content for long form commercials ripe for native placement.

Joe and Anthony Russo, lead directors for Captain America: The Winter Soldier have formed a new advertising company with an emphasis on storytelling and innovation. Bullitt, their new firm is working with Justin Lee, director of the ‘Fast and Furious’ to create great ad content.

Some companies will spend millions of dollars on product placement, like Coca Cola, Ford and American Idol, or perhaps the many ways James Bond sells products while saving the world from evil villains. So now, Bullitt will seek to take some of that money, create long form commercials and content, then repurposed for multiple uses.

Imagine a scenario where Jennifer Aniston is seen in a 30 second native ad that links to a longer, engaging and quality piece. All formats actively or indirectly selling Aveeno beauty products in an entertaining manner. It is the next step of Madison Avenue moving online.

The pair have directed commercials since they first got into film making, something to fill the time between TV and film projects. “We kind of fell in love with the creative possibilities that you have shooting commercials, “says Anthony.

The two draw the name of the company from Steve McQueen’s movie Bullitt, which they claim was a full-length movie advertising the Ford Mustang. Or think about The Italian Job and Mini Coopers.

As web publishers, we should applaud high quality ads. They will improve engagement by our readers, as well as improve viewer response, which means higher ad rates.

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