B2B Marketing now Demands Insights

B2B Marketing now Demands InsightsWhat are you building your B2B content around in 2014? For maximum effectiveness, your goal should be the inclusion of key insights, or so reports Corporate Visions. Its recent report shows that B2B marketing now demands insights – over 80% of all B2B content uses context-based facts.

According to its data, there are 4 types of insights: Anecdotal – those that reinforce key messages around best practices, lessons learned and new operating frameworks based on work in the field; Visionary – those that reinforce where a market is headed; Authoritative – used to reinforce key messages around risks, costs and performance based on work by industry analysts and proven experts; and Current – predictions of where a market is headed used to validate a buying strategy.

However, the types of insights seem to deliver different levels of effectiveness. For example Anecdotal was the most popular form of insight favored by 51% of the B2B marketers surveyed. Yet this form of insight came in third for effectiveness.

Visionary, the second most favored insight was the top performer when it came to having an impact on the buyer. Authoritative and Current, ranked 3 and 4 in usage came in 2nd and 4th in effectiveness.

The lesson appears that when making purchasing decisions, B2B buyers favor forward looking insight and help more than current information. This seems consistent with the companies with which I have spoken lately, as buyers are trying to make do with less, so want to be sure capital purchases have the ability to have longer lives – from technology to floor coverings.

It may also reveal that consumer advertising skepticism has crept into B2B markets, and buyers are increasingly doubting both analyst and marketer data points, assuming they are skewed to make a case beneficial to the company.

How about you? What type of insights do you use? What motivates and informs purchasing decisions? Are they the same?

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