How B2B Marketers Tailor Content

B2B Marketers Tailor ContentTo increase readership, we all attempt to tune our content to provide the maximum value to our readers. Continuing our look at the Content Marketing Institute’s 2014 B2B Content Marketing Trends – North America study, today we look at how B2B marketers tailor content to their company’s advantage.

The top 3 approaches to content development are to focus on Industry Trends (65% of users), Profiles of Individual Decision Makers (59%) and Company Characteristics (55%). These are logical, and help the content to speak clearly to the target audience, as well as position the company and its people as experts in solving problems in that industry. Like all good marketing, it also takes into consideration the specific needs of the buyers, and works to speak clearly to his or her decision criteria.

Stage in the Buying Cycle, at 43%, is number four on the list. To me, it provides the greatest opportunity for marketing results improvement. As I have written about previously, mapping the content marketing provides to the selling / buying cycle is a significant way to improve results, assuring that buyers receive the right information at the right time to move the sale forward.

Without specific stage targeting, my experience is sales tend to provide too much information to the prospective buyer too soon, reducing its value and in many cases, causing it to never be reviewed by the buyer.

The mapping process requires cooperation between marketing and sales, because the groups are able to speak with one voice. If you’d like some help in that process, I suggest you reach out to Aperture.  They have figured out how to apply the thinking of W. Edward Deming, known for greatly improving manufacturing and quality processes, to the marketing and sales arena.  If your marketing and sales teams are two groups separated by a common language, talk to Aperture.

The final two customization areas are Personalize Content Preferences (21%) and Competitors’ Content (11%).

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