An Affiliate Marketer’s Guide to Advertising on Taboola

Even though you may not realise it, if you visit big online publications like the Daily Mail Online, Elle magazine, Time and the Weather Channel, you’ve already encountered Taboola. Theirs is the business behind those clickable thumbnail links in your sidebar: the ones usually labelled ‘Don’t miss’ and featuring stories about One Direction and Myleene Klass. Like most of us, you probably find them distracting yet strangely compelling.

With so much content out there, it’s tough to get your affiliate marketing campaigns noticed. Would you love the chance to have your content recommended to visitors of websites with a high international profile? Then you really need to know more about what this innovative content delivery platform can do for you.





How Does Taboola Work?

Taboola brings your content to the attention of visitors to large, high quality publications such as the ones mentioned above. But it doesn’t do this using banner ads or paid search. Instead, Taboola’s algorithm engages visitors using a deceptively simple approach: it recommends related content they may like. It does this very efficiently, claiming to make 200 billion recommendations to 550 million visitors every month.

Publishers benefit from Taboola by using its algorithm to recommend similar stories on the same site. Visitors stay engaged for longer, because they are served the kind of items they want to read but didn’t know existed. And the good news is that affiliate marketers can benefit from this engagement, too: NBC’s readers can – theoretically at least – become your customers.




Why Should Affiliate Marketers Use Taboola?

It’s a Source of High Quality Traffic

Taboola takes permission marketing to the next level: its groundbreaking algorithm only recommends your content to people who want it and welcome it. So when a visitor clicks through from Elle magazine to your landing page, they’re already highly engaged. They are therefore also more likely to respond to your call to action.

Make use of Taboola-X, the company’s clever way of integrating third-party content, and your campaign could feature anywhere on the publisher’s page.

Its Reach is Extensive

Because it provides such tangible benefits to publishers, Taboola counts some of the biggest and best among its clientele. And its technology works across every conceivable platform, be that smartphone, tablet computer, laptop or desktop. Both factors mean that your targeted content has an excellent chance of penetrating new markets, which pretty much nets you the holy grail of affiliate marketing.

You Get Analytics and Free Resources

Once you’ve officially submitted your content links to Taboola, you’ll have access to their content experts who will advise you on the best ways to achieve your campaign goals. You’ll also be able to use data displayed in Backstage, Taboola’s analytics portal, to optimise campaigns for maximum customer engagement. But even before you sign up, you can take advantage of Taboola’s open-access knowledge base containing ebooks, data sheets, case studies, videos and webinars.

It’s Potentially Cost Effective

Although Taboola doesn’t shout publicly about its pricing, the company points out that using their service could ultimately work out cheaper than campaigns based on paid search results and banner ads. As the promotional material points out, Taboola has a high rate of post-click page views and a lower CPC or CPA than conventional approaches (in 2014 its CPC was apparently in the range of $0.25-$0.75 for its top 30 sites). So far, the buzz from affiliate marketing forums is broadly positive, although it’s evidently still possible to burn through a lot of money while you optimise your campaigns.

Getting Started With Taboola

Once you’ve completed the online contact form giving details of your name, company and the URL of your campaign website, one of the ‘Taboolars’ will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements in more detail. But before you take the first step, you may want to go through Taboola’s free guide to creating titles and images for your content. Of course Taboola doesn’t guarantee that potential customers will click on your content, but it can offer expert help through your account manager and its library of free online resources.



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    taboola is just like adblade or outbrain. You can buy these CPC ads across a network of websites.


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