An Affiliate Marketer’s Guide to Advertising on 50onRed

If you’ve been in affiliate marketing for a while, you’ll know how hard it is to achieve organic search results. So the smart marketer is one who covers all their bases, attracting traffic by a range of means. As a savvy affiliate, you can’t afford to ignore the potential of 50onRed, a traffic platform enabling you to pick and choose technologies that easily connect your campaigns with international markets.




How Does 50onRed Work?

50onRed uses cost per click (CPC) and cost per view (CPV) advertising to send traffic to your affiliate sites. There are three different campaign types to choose from:


InText works on a CPC model, turning text into a form of targeted advertising. With this technology, keywords – which you’ll have previously identified as being of interest to your target market – become links that perform actions when a visitor hovers their mouse over them. Take your audience direct to your site on mouseover, or show them one of a variety of advertisements, customisable with text and images.


Use Search if you want a short cut to the top of search engine rankings. 50onRed offers the ability to control your ad’s location on the search engine results page and track customer response so that you can determine the best positions. Best of all, affiliate marketers who already use AdWords can simply port their existing settings into 50onRed’s search platform.


Pops are 50onRed’s take on CPV marketing, enabling you to target websites, subdomains or even keywords within a URL. When a visitor lands on one of the targets they’ll be presented with a pop-up website which appears in a new browser tab. Then it’s up to you to hold your visitor’s attention with images, videos or other content of your choice.


Why Should Affiliate Marketers Use 50onRed?

It’s Cost Efficient

50onRed claims to have access to a large volume of high-quality traffic, which it can send your way at a cost much lower than that charged by Google or Bing. This is important, as you’ll need to spend some time and money optimising your keyword list, and it’s preferable not to fritter away a lot of money in the process. The company also offers extensive support for your first-time payment of USD $500, and for targeted banner advertising there’s RTX, a premium service with dedicated account management.

It’s International

One of the really handy things about 50onRed is that it enables you to manage campaigns in multiple countries from the same account. This makes it a breeze to increase the efficacy of your campaigns with geographic targeting: for example, it’s a wasted effort to market sunblock to people in Northern Canada between November and May, but Australians will lap it up. About half of the traffic provided by the platform comes from the US, with keyword bids starting at $0.10.

Expect to pay less for clicks from European countries, even though many of these represent untapped markets.

It’s Ethical

If you like to keep your affiliate marketing clean, you’ll be delighted with 50onRed’s list of restrictions. They don’t allow members to advertise adult content, drugs and prescription medication, downloads or landing pages that spawn further pop-ups. In theory at least, this could help you keep your conversion rates high.



Getting Started with 50onRed

Once you’ve gone through the straightforward registration process, you’re ready to create a campaign. You can choose from any of the campaign types offered by 50onRed, or even spread your marketing efforts across all three. If you already have a set of tried and tested keywords, it’s straightforward just to bring these over to Search.




As a newcomer to 50onRed, the best thing you can do is get to know the online Support Center. This has information on practically every relevant topic, from different ways of formatting ads to ways of tracking conversions. You can even book a Skype call with an account manager, aimed at helping you optimise your campaigns so that you’re equipped to make the most of this powerful platform.

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