An Affiliate Marketer’s Guide To Advertising on ZeroPark

Traditional approaches to affiliate marketing are highly competitive. Furthermore, many advertising providers (e.g. Google Adwords) discourage the use of their platforms for affiliate marketing purposes. If you’re serious about making money from affiliate marketing, you need to think outside the box.

ZeroPark is an advertising platform that uses parked domains. It was developed with affiliate marketing in mind, so it’s the ideal choice for anyone who wants to up his or her affiliate marketing game.




How Does ZeroPark Work?

ZeroPark uses parked domains to direct traffic to your campaigns. Domain parking refers to the practice of registering a domain name, with no intention to use it for website or email purposes (at least, in the short term). Instead, the domain is monetised. When Internet users type in the parked domain name, they’re redirected to another site.

One way for the owners of parked domains (known as publishers) to monetise is to list the domain’s traffic on ZeroPark. The traffic in then subject to auction, and is sold directly to advertisers and affiliate marketers.


Why Should Affiliate Marketers Use ZeroPark?

The ZeroPark platform may seem daunting if you’re used to traditional affiliate marketing platforms, such as Facebook or POF Ads. However, you have nothing to worry about. It’s an excellent alternative, providing many affiliate marketers with a good return on investment. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider using ZeroPark:

High Volume

According to the ZeroPark website, there are currently 15,969,170,966 redirects up for grabs (almost 16 billion). That’s a lot of volume, enabling ZeroPark to compete with other well-established affiliate marketing platforms.

Their online volume and keyword checker allows you to break that figure down, according to either location, keywords, and whether the traffic is mobile or web-based. This enables you to research your campaigns before they go live, to work out your best options.

It’s Cost-Effective

The average fees listed by ZeroPark are extremely reasonable, starting at just $0.001 per visitor. This varies according to the desired keywords, but the overall average currently sites around $0.00186 per visitor.

The most fundamental rule of affiliate marketing is to gain as much return as possible, for the least amount of investment. The ZeroPark platform provides endless revenue opportunities, for little cost, making it a viable platform for anyone who needs to profit from their affiliate marketing efforts.

The Flexibility

The targeting options provided by ZeroPark are highly flexible. The most popular option is to target campaigns according to specific keywords, with good results. However, you can also target according to specific domains, or countries.

Once you’ve decided how to run the campaign, you can then target even further using GEO, device type, browser, or operating system (mobile).




How to Get Started on ZeroPark?

In the beginning, it’s best to experiment with the various options available. When you find something that works well, increase your spending to maximise the results. For example, if you see good return from a particular domain, you should target your next campaign there, instead of using the keyword approach.

It’s important to track each of your campaigns, to ensure you get the best possible results. To do this, you’ll need to configure your destination URL to contain the following tracking tokens:

  • {keyword} – tracks the whole keyword strong used to redirect the traffic.
  • {match} – tracks the keyword as displayed on the ZeroPark platform.
  • {target} – tracks the domain ID.

Each of these tokens will provide invaluable data, which you can use to evaluate your campaigns. As a minimum, you should always use the {target} token, as this will help you track down the best domains to target for future campaigns.





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